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Guys, Goodmorning, I just wanted to share my thoughts of some of the things I would do in the future with the blog as it grows.

-Be a speaker and an ambassador advocating video games for the betterment of society.

-Write books that will spread the message further.

-Teach the younger generation and parents about the value of edutainment.

-Continue to improve and grow this vision and mission

A random thought came to me yesterday it was not the kind of shower-based thinking but an instant lightbulb. This is what the Zamboangamer mission encompasses, it’s followed by what would happen if I was interviewed by someone too 🙂

“When video games are used for good, then it can be a tool for education & creativity, it can boost confidence and self-esteem, it can foster friendships, teamwork, loyalty and community.”

Most if not all media non-related with video gaming demonizes it due to its graphical content depicting sex,violence, drug abuse etc. Or how it leads to no career or how useless it is in life. I know that for a fact since my parents are constantly nagging me at it.

I want to prove those people wrong,if any quote fits into this then it would be Homer Simpson when he said “Just because I don’t understand it doesn’t mean I reject it”.

Video games are here to stay, and that is a fact of life. The accessibilty of technology and geek culture being the center of our present day and the future. I know younger kids,middle aged adults, even grandparents playing some game on their tech devices.

So how does one find the right values in video gaming? Or what to teach the younger generation? Knowing Zamboanga City has no or little awareness with gaming potential then this is where Zamboangamer steps in.

When I started the blog back in September of last year, my father’s words were always in my mind these words where “how will you use that in life?” Constantly it scratched the back of my mind, and I could not take it off until finally I saw the solution. After looking at countless youtube videos of reviews, gameplays, walkthroughs, one thing was missing. And that sparked the brainchild of this blog.

At that time I had no idea how to spread the message, all I had was a notebook, a pen, and a brainstorming session, When I realized that youtube is a video blog, It dawned on me that blogging was the best way to spread the word, I had a few blogs before but they are dead ones with only personal stuff. When a video gaming blog about teaching people about video games came into mind it was then I started drawing webpages on paper, I wanted it to look like a gaming site but one that was accesible,readable and enjoyable.

With wordpress being the tool to post the articles and a facebook page, it soon became clear that this would be the passion that I would come to enjoy. Writing for people to uplift them from the trials they faced as gamers fills my heart with joy. Parents have even messaged and asked me what their kids should be playing and I am happy to recommend them games that teach skills like math or languages.

That also means that I will not surrender to the many dead blogs that lie in the vastness of cyberspace, I will continue on this mission and find others who are willing to help the world understand. It’s more than just a hobby, it’s more than just a time-killer, it’s more than just a lifestyle. It’s worth more than that.


Do the words, Tank, Hitter, Support mean anything to you? Then this is the next lesson you need to learn, for many who are already familiar with the MoBA heroes and their roles then this will be brief and self explanatory but for the rest of the audience, this is where you can learn to fully unleash that hero potential.

There are many roles to play and some have secondary or sub-classes according to their skills or item combinations.Your playstyle will depend upon which class you can use to its fullest.

The Tank

This beefy role focuses on outlasting your opponents while you or your teamates finish them off. The tank usually focuses on items that will give a defensive edge over physical,critical, magical or true damage. Think of a mighty knight plated with the best armor(physical resist) with trinkets(magic resist) and pillows (extra padding).Tanks leave a mighty impression with many players and a tanks role in clashing is as important for the “kill zone” is riddled with hiddne mines, overly powerful wizards and

The Hitter

Hitters are the people who give opponets a run for their gold. Bandits,Assassins,Warriors,Mercenaries and etc are classified to be hitters. They might not be as armored as the Tank but Hitters are essential to dish out damage in the field. Hitters usually focus their item builds on damage and life-steal items to give them more survivability. The hitter roles are very popular in pub games and many players take on the roles of hitters for personal glory. A mature hitter knows how to fill out the role, give credit to their team and ultimately win the match. Tip: Don’t go as a hitter when everyone in your team already picked one. Unless you can alternate the role of a tank and hitter then best you get a pure tank

The Marksman

Similar to the Hitter, the Marksman deals damage, the difference is range. While hitters go in for the kill via melee combat, Marksman deal damage from afar, whether it’s an arrow,bolt,bullet,or spell the marksman can be the most lethal teamate or opponent that you can have. Marksmen go for items that enhance their attack speed and damage. Their strength also belies thier weakness due to the fact that they can be taken down easily when you pair up with a teammate that can stun and disable them, so be careful when playing as a Marksman.

The Carry

A hero that carries you through the game is a champion of its own class. Carries are usually packing up utility items that can be handy in a pinch. In a desperate situation who wouldn’t want to turn the tide around? Carries are heroes that understand the value of sacrifice. Sometimes your teammates are complete noobs, under-leveled or fed the enemy. The Carry is usually one step ahaed of the rest. Their item combiantions are wildcards depending on the situation of the game. They can aslo be a jack-of-trades if needed.

The Support

As stated in the previous lesson Supports lift the team up with their skills, but you must never go alone, your best bet is to go with an ally in a lane and boost him up. Those disables skills such as slow and stun will do wonders to the team cause. Playing support heroes are an advanced skill at bes

The Warden

A subclass of its own, Wardens are responsible for lighting up the map with pings,and sight items. Any role can play a warden as long as they have the finances to back this up. Let’s face it, wards and sight items are costly and expendable, but the payoff is worth it. Added sightlines allow you to know what the enemy is up to and will determine the strategies you require to win the game.

-I will update this entry with regards to player suggestions or guidelines. Have fun playing 🙂

Was playing a LoL match earlier and we got a victory if not for a certain someone who took command of the game. Forgive the last sentence if it meant bragging but the point I want to get across is that to be a better at playing video games that need competitive skills then you must decide and learn to level up your gaming. This post will make sure that many traits from pro-gamers are listed so you can win more and play more.

1. Be a leader


Sometimes things will not work out for many in the gamer community are self-serving and glory hogging players who just want all the kills and winning for them is secondary. You can use this to your advantage by stirring their hearts and minds. Why do you think history recognizes the names of leaders instead of the nameless soldier in the trenches? Simply put, it’s the leaders who organize goals and direct their troops to win. Next time you play LoL why not take command from the start? Your teammates will sense that your orders are correct and will follow it. The thought of losing is trauma to everyone who has already experienced it. Be a good leader and not one that overuse his/her authority.Inspire and you will lead the team to victory!

Recommended Video Game Characters to Follow : Admiral Hackett – Mass Effect

2. Be a Patient Tactician

EPSON scanner imageI love Sun Tzu’s Art of War and among the many tacticians in history perhaps the best example would be Zhuge Liang, a master strategist of his time, he led the Shu faction to a lot of victories with his cunning and planning. To win more games requires strategy, When to advance or fall back, when to set up ambushes and clashes, what items to buy and recommend for teammates. All factors come into play with the right strategy. And even at the brink of defeat, a well detailed and easy to follow battle plan may turn the tables around. Be the cunning tactician, study well, and victory is assured.

Recommended Video Game Characters to Follow : Zhuge Liang – Dynasty Warriors

3. Be the Best Support

Most beginners or players take on the hitter roles and greedily add the kill counts, when you play support though it’s a playstyle on a different level. Supports do the healing, buffing or disabling so that your other teammates finish the job. You might not get the kills but being the support boosts the team’s chances of victory. Sometimes supports are either hidden from the spotlight, or shine brightly throughout. Support heroes are hard to master and players who choose and play them well are the rare kind.

Recommended Video Game Character to Follow : Any AI followers or companions – Every Video Game with Support characters

4. Be less Vulgar


Many games are against vocal harassment or cursing in general. Sure you can throw a few swear words now and then, I’ve done it a lot of it in the past. But online profanity does not make you better due to its reflected negativity. It brings down the team when you swear on someone, or spam it in the chat box. Remember that good manners and etiquette still count in-game and in real life.

I trashtalked a lot during college, believe me when it doesn’t make for a meaningful conversation or gain self-esteem. I lessened down over the years and although it won’t be gone,at least the awareness is there to help me keep tempers in check.

You might not be able to erase the vulgarity of words that have been engraved within the recesses of your mind but you can certainly lessen or substitute it. More on this on another article.

Recommended Video Game Character to Follow : Sir Butters the Merciful – South Park Stick of Truth

5. Keep on Studying/Improving


The best way for any gamer to learn is practice, practice, practice. It governs not only online games but real life as well. In-game battles are always unique so you must adapt and learn from each experience, even if you’ll play the same map, over and over and over again.

With each level, upgrade, skill learned, it makes you a better player and a better person in life. It’s in out philosophy here in Zamboangamer to improve upon your existing talents or discover it. As a gamer

Recommended Video Game Character to Follow : Iron Man – Video Games with Iron Man

I’m sure alot of the resident readers and future readers here will have a lot of experiences with playing MoBAs (Massively Online Battle Arena)  like some of these modern day games.




And many who read this blog want to know what they can learn from games like this. To a random person, these games are random acts of violence or addiction that give way to all kinds of blamed incidents. Was hearing commentaries on Dateline Teleradyo about DotA and it was not justified perhaps due to the lack of knowledge or awareness. I myself am planning to go and talk about this via the “radio station” itself or via podcasts.

There is so much to learn from MoBA’s I even wrote a book that needs publishing entitled Dota : Level Up Everyday. It was based on my college days of playing the first version of Dota and it detailed about every lesson you could ever learn in the game which included Sun Tzu’s Art of War tactics, everyday life application and added gameplay tips.I envisioned that it may be taught as a practical subject in colleges or schools and this link may prove it to be the real thing.

If any of you can recommend a good publisher or an app or someone who is interested in this little project then by all means please contact me via Facebook or my other social networks.

I can only pick a few essential lessons to start off with by playing these games so you could get a little preview. We will have the voice needed to advocate MobA’s as an educational tool too.

1. MobA’s teach Teamwork


Above all, teamwork will determine victory or loss. Pro-gamers know what roles their capabilites are in every hero they play. And even if they are not familiar with, coordination is the key to why they win a large amount of games. Contrary to some behaviors I have seen with other players insult and discourage their teamates with words like “bobo bos (you idiot)” or “stun, ay chinga bien bobo, noob” (i’d rather not translate but you get the meaning). I pity the that player who could possibly need encouragement or further training, or perhaps he/she is having a bad day, never discourage your teammates, rather encourage them or guide them as they play so that not only friendship between you is cared for, but it is also possible for games to be won through friendship, even when you lose, you gain.


2. MobA’s enchance Math Skills


To calculate the damage output or or budgeting the needed gold for an item requires math skills. Basic arithmetics is essential if you want to beat the enemy, how fast you can add,subtract, multiply or divide is the name of the game that yu are playing, even though a lot of estimates are made. I know some people play MoBA’s to sharpen and practice math.

I was never good with numbers but seeing those hit-critical strikes or that health chunk that you have while tanking makes me thankful that numbers and statistics were added in the game, otherwise it’d be overpowered. These numbers also make it possible for the game to be as balanced as it can be so quit whining at why your hero was recently nerfed or why an item was rebalanced for fair play.

3. MobA’s teach Patience


The pro-gamers know what it means to set up an ambush or think of theri strategies whilst they wait for their respawns. Unfortunately other players are less on the value of patience and rage-quit or trashtalk the whole way. You want to play like a pro? Be PATIENT.


Even now most of my time spent in the respawn counter was determining the next possible move or aiding my teammates tactically by surveying the map for enemies or ambush/flank points. I would chat them up or signal them to those locations. Sadly, for most of the time many players who are not in my team would ignore them only to find out via a grueling team genocide later.

Patience is a bitter seed, but the fruit is sweet. Patience when fully applied can make you win more games, just don’t spend that time AFK-ing (Away from Keyboard).

4. MobA’s teach Diversity

With the internet making online communities a chat away, it is important to accept people regardless of their language, ethnicity, sexuality, creed, and etc. Racism has been an issue that society that has always affected the world. The gaming community mostly excludes that and focus instead on your skills.

It doesn’t matter what the color of your skin is. In the game, skill matters. Take a good look at the heroes themselves, they come from all kinds of backgrounds, some are not even human and yet they compliment each other via the combination of skills or the roles that they were destined to do.

I played MobA’s with a lot of people, some are kids, some are students, some are adults with jobs and it doesn’t really matter as long as we are having a good time. Take time to make friends instead of enemies with the people you play with, It’s worth to know another person and their story.

5.MobA’s teach Resilience

Some days it is not going well, you have multiple losses, or your Match Ranking went down too far or your favorite hero is getting reworked in the upcoming patch. Do not let it bring you to your knees. The trademark of every hardcore gamer is no matter the defeat, they always stand up and bring victory.

Yes I have had my share of defeats, but the most important thing is to learn from them and reapply yourself in the next match, unless you are a pro-gamer at the finals of a huge tournament with all the pressure, then it is just a game.

Few people know the importance of a defeat and do the most immature things. If you are reading this then learn from your mistakes and compensate or fix things. Resilience is the most important lesson you can learn when you play MobA’s.

So how are you faring now? Knowing that MobA’s are really educational tools? And with this, I am starting a new series in the strategy tab that is all about the MobA: 31 Days to Improving Your Game.

Comment, Subscribe in this blog for more learning 🙂 Cuz it’s fun

Till then, Keep on Gamin’

All About Sugarfluff Cosplay Shop

Posted: September 18, 2014 in Update Board

Zamboangamer recently posted a review about Recettear : An Item Shop’s Tale, it was about a game that focused on running an item shop and selling gear to adventurers and townsfolk. To apply the same formula in real life was a dream job of mine. And this post will cover all about Zamboanga’s own cosplay shop.


Sugarfluff Cosplay shop operates as a legit online seller of all things cosplay-related. From wigs,lenses,props and costumes, this is the closest thing I could get to Recettear. It all started as an online shop on January 23,2013 as the brainchild of my boss and cosplaying friend Lara.


That’s her cosplaying Lara Croft from Tomb Raider, her idea for the shop’s name came when she was thinking about cotton candy and something sweet, from then on Sugarfluff came to be. Her specialties are wigs and lenses. She plays all sorts of video games and the most recent being Tomb Raider and the Mass Effect Series.


This is Bea, she’s my girlfriend and also acts as assistant manager of Sugarfluff. She’s the can-do girl and keeps things in order for all of us. Her specialties are wigs and lenses too. She loves to play Rhythm games, and got me into Dance Central 3, aside from that she mostly plays Cytus,2046,Tekken, Yu-gi-oh and Symphony.


This is Reji, Sugarfluff’s editor and assistant. He manages Sugarfluff’s online page, administrates our documents, and works as an extra pair of hands. Reji also helps us organize events being knowledgable in all things technical. He plays all kinds of video games and mostly plays Dance Central 3, Tekken, Cytus and League of Legends.


One of our resident craftsman/propmaker is Leo, He’s a wizard with making all sorts of quality things and this is due to his technical training. He is also knowledgable in all things anime. Leo also likes to wordplay and he makes a good friend, while he hasn’t that much time playing video games, his most recently played ones are Diablo 2, Torchlight and Persona.


Another propmaker/craftsman of ours is Kuya Mark, he’s a cool and funny guy who is also a photographer. Check his page out at He also makes quality props like Leo and covers many of our cosplay events here in Zamboanga City, his recent played video games are Farcry 3, Assassin’s Creed series and a whole lot of retro games.

Lastly, there’s me, I just help around shop basically. I met these guys just recently and found them fun to hang out with. We even opened up a local shop sometime ago in June but had to close it temporarily due to rent.

This is how it worked though, and it was a match made in heaven, we rented a small space alongside a gadget and printing shop, The owners are kind enough and we even made friends with them. One of them was a graphics artist and a hardcore gamer who I will feature later on.

The main highlight of the day was to entre the shop and set up the costumes and props, it was nice having a place to gather,hangout and most importantly, serve the customers with a smile. As days passed, I knew in my heart that with as all things it would come to an end. I just did not accept that it would end so quickly.

But still it survives as an online shop. And Sugarfluff continues to serve the cosplaying community, whether it be Zamboanga City or other Cities in the Philippines. Sugarfluff is a testament that whether you are a kid,a student or an adult with a passion to create or make a career out of any activity, then it can be pursued.

And I’m damned proud to be with them. Hope to do busines with ya 🙂 Keep on Gamin’


Posted: September 16, 2014 in Update Board

It’s our first Zamboangamer Anniversary! I never thought we’d be blogging for a long time but we just reached our first ever year! That means…Im getting something nice and I’ll be setting up a blog contest for you guys in a bit 🙂

What I been up to since :)

Posted: September 15, 2014 in Update Board


Hey guys 🙂 It’s been a long time since I posted on this blog, I haven’t been writing here, so let me give an account on what happened over the past year. Any readers of this blog might have speculated what went wrong and why I have stopped reviewing video games. This morning a bit of free time has allowed me to write on the what,why, and hows. I sincerely apologize for the regular readers here.


This year was so eventful,It’s a wonderful year to have met friends who have the same interests as you isn’t it? And that’s what happened. During April, I had a chance to meet Zamboanga City’s Cosplayers and became fast friends with them, most of them play video games and support the advocate to promote video games as this site teaches 🙂 (*insert persona social link established arcana here)


They belonged to a group called ZCTrolls (im gonna find a better quality photo *will update soon), which is a cosplaying group that loves to trololololol without other people’s expense, I even met my new girlfriend who is a cosplayer herself and is a gamer who loves rhythm games. Two of the “trolls” introduced me to this Xbox 360 Video game called Dance Central 3 at the local arcade, and daymmmm it got me hooked. Im going to do a first video review for DC3 soon, and it’ll be live for you will see us dance to the rhythm of so many beats.


Through the months I had to take on a job of assisting my family at the local canteen, we cater to Ateneo de Zamboanga High Schoolers from Mondays to Fridays. My shift ends after lunch break so I can go to town to meet up with friends or do other activities.

Those other activites also include writing a book. I have written 3 books but this will be the first one and it is all about cosplay.What is unqiue about this book is that it caters to the local Zamboanga Cosplayers. It took almost a year to research and collaborate as much data to be written down. I owe it to my new friends who have shown me another fascinating world that encompasses all types of popular media. It is currently in its designing stage and will be released this December. Fingers crossed for this one.


Another work related acitivity is the Cosplay Shop. Among the ZCtrolls, I met the people of Sugarfluff Cosplay shop, it caters to all cosplaying needs such as props, wigs, lenses and all kinds of cosplaying paraphernalia. Working alongside with thme has given a lot of lessons needed for business. Visit them here at


Another Cosplaying event is happening soon here in Zamboanga City. Here’s the details:


WHAT: ZANEC-R’s (FIRST EVER) Cosplay Workshop, in partnership with SUGARFLUFF COSPLAY SHOP.

WHERE: Tsokolate (N.S. Valderoza Street, Zamboanga City)

WHEN: September 28, 2014. 10am to 3pm.

Registration Fee is PHP270, inclusive of a STARTER KIT and ONE FREE MEAL.

Workshop will cover all the basics of cosplay, including tips and tricks!

For pre-registrations, please text this number: 09261785909.

Thank you, and please spread the word!

That summarizes everything so far. And  good news for aspiring bloggers, If you want to become a Zamboangamer blogger, then send a message. We are looking for like-minded people that shares the vision of video games as tools of education instead of a ptah to self-destruction. Join us 🙂

Till next time. Keep on Gamin’