What you can learn from MoBA’s Series : Lesson 1 – The Traits of a Mature Gamer

Posted: September 20, 2014 in Strategy

Was playing a LoL match earlier and we got a victory if not for a certain someone who took command of the game. Forgive the last sentence if it meant bragging but the point I want to get across is that to be a better at playing video games that need competitive skills then you must decide and learn to level up your gaming. This post will make sure that many traits from pro-gamers are listed so you can win more and play more.

1. Be a leader


Sometimes things will not work out for many in the gamer community are self-serving and glory hogging players who just want all the kills and winning for them is secondary. You can use this to your advantage by stirring their hearts and minds. Why do you think history recognizes the names of leaders instead of the nameless soldier in the trenches? Simply put, it’s the leaders who organize goals and direct their troops to win. Next time you play LoL why not take command from the start? Your teammates will sense that your orders are correct and will follow it. The thought of losing is trauma to everyone who has already experienced it. Be a good leader and not one that overuse his/her authority.Inspire and you will lead the team to victory!

Recommended Video Game Characters to Follow : Admiral Hackett – Mass Effect

2. Be a Patient Tactician

EPSON scanner imageI love Sun Tzu’s Art of War and among the many tacticians in history perhaps the best example would be Zhuge Liang, a master strategist of his time, he led the Shu faction to a lot of victories with his cunning and planning. To win more games requires strategy, When to advance or fall back, when to set up ambushes and clashes, what items to buy and recommend for teammates. All factors come into play with the right strategy. And even at the brink of defeat, a well detailed and easy to follow battle plan may turn the tables around. Be the cunning tactician, study well, and victory is assured.

Recommended Video Game Characters to Follow : Zhuge Liang – Dynasty Warriors

3. Be the Best Support

Most beginners or players take on the hitter roles and greedily add the kill counts, when you play support though it’s a playstyle on a different level. Supports do the healing, buffing or disabling so that your other teammates finish the job. You might not get the kills but being the support boosts the team’s chances of victory. Sometimes supports are either hidden from the spotlight, or shine brightly throughout. Support heroes are hard to master and players who choose and play them well are the rare kind.

Recommended Video Game Character to Follow : Any AI followers or companions – Every Video Game with Support characters

4. Be less Vulgar


Many games are against vocal harassment or cursing in general. Sure you can throw a few swear words now and then, I’ve done it a lot of it in the past. But online profanity does not make you better due to its reflected negativity. It brings down the team when you swear on someone, or spam it in the chat box. Remember that good manners and etiquette still count in-game and in real life.

I trashtalked a lot during college, believe me when it doesn’t make for a meaningful conversation or gain self-esteem. I lessened down over the years and although it won’t be gone,at least the awareness is there to help me keep tempers in check.

You might not be able to erase the vulgarity of words that have been engraved within the recesses of your mind but you can certainly lessen or substitute it. More on this on another article.

Recommended Video Game Character to Follow : Sir Butters the Merciful – South Park Stick of Truth

5. Keep on Studying/Improving


The best way for any gamer to learn is practice, practice, practice. It governs not only online games but real life as well. In-game battles are always unique so you must adapt and learn from each experience, even if you’ll play the same map, over and over and over again.

With each level, upgrade, skill learned, it makes you a better player and a better person in life. It’s in out philosophy here in Zamboangamer to improve upon your existing talents or discover it. As a gamer

Recommended Video Game Character to Follow : Iron Man – Video Games with Iron Man


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