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Zamboangamer needs to tell a story of his youth. We cannot stress the importance of spreading the word for there are better uses to your money.Before the discovery of “download” sites. Zamboangamer039 goes to Maskipop, it’s a game shop in the city at Mindpro Citimall on the 3rd floor in Greenlane. Every weekend or month was a joyous time to spend the hard earned school allowance on new games.100 Philippine Pesos a day was 500 in a week and most CD’s cost 80 at that time. After installing the discs would be stored in a cabinet (that was flooded). I had a lot of them till college, then it stopped.

One of the reasons is that these “download” sites are already giving me enough games to play with without wasting away cash, another is the money is not coming in as it once did. (I really need a source of income) 😦

Never mind if you are a console gamer back then, you need the discs to play your games but when you are a PC gamer the only purpose these disks had was to install the data, there are incidents when you need that one CD to play, but when “cracks” came the CD was now a disposable piece of plastic.

You could make money by renting or selling these discs but they always get scratched when returned and worse is that they don’t come back at all. This has led me to the opinion of never ever buying any new games again. Downloading is better and with little risks (as a tip).

I have a lot of regrets with my CD purchasing. That wasted a lot of my wealth were in I could have saved that to spend on something better like a gaming console, my education, books, posters, dates with my girlfriend or make that as a small business capital. 

Oh well, this is my opinion to my fellow countrymen. Some of you do have cash to spend on probably collectors editions of a certain game, believe me I am tempted to do so as well. I wanted lots of collectors items. But really what do these things really do aside from conversational pieces or trophies or dust collectors? There are better things to spend the money on than just that.

This is a piece of advice to many kids out there. Better spend your money on something worth investing on the future. Do not make the mistake that I did, you are even fortunate to have these “download sites” at your time. If I had only known sooner that this would be the future…

Remember that pieces of paper (MONEY) is more important than pieces of plastic. This is an opinion however, take it as it is.


Let’s get a post up today, and what better game to get some lessons than that of Persona 4. This game is uber awesome and it really shines as one of the last games on the PS2, I even want to emulate it on the PC or buy P4:Golden with a PS VITA, huhu, wish I had the budget to do so.

Anyway. Let’s start the moral discussion…uhhh that sounds boring, lets make it sound like schoolmates counseling each other (when does that ever happen?)


Teddie – Star Arcana


Teddie as he is named after that lovable stuffed animal meets the protagonists during the first ventures in the shadow world. He adds valuable support that includes his nose. This funny guy dishes out so many bear-puns that is so catchy that I could even predict what he says, although sometime the team is incapable of “bear-ing” it haha (made one). As they defeat Shadow Rise, he also wants to find out more about himself. This leads to some confusing point in the story on my part, but he becomes human, Throughout their journey Teddie is a comic relief to the cast and always looks on the positive side. His admiration for the main protagonist,how he “scores” with the ladies in the group and combat tactics encourage Teddie to become better at what he does. We might find that sometime in or lives we will have to find ourselves to become better.

Naoto Shirogane – Fortune Arcana


Ah Naoto, I really thought that you were a guy at first, but when the revelation came I felt like Captain Sheng in Mulan. She is a character that is a bit distant me to describe due to her mature and shy personality. You gotta love her detective skill though, she could pass as Sherlock Holmes’ Protege, Her story reveals that her ancestry is of respected detectives (talk about pressure) and while she prides herself in her lineage she longs to be an adult and is insecure of her gender. As she accompanies the group and with interactions of the protagonist, she accepts herself as a woman and to enjoy her age. Remember kids to enjoy your youth, once you are an adult those days are long gone.

Rise Kujikawa – Lovers Arcana


Gotta post a sexy pic of Rise, she’s one of my favorite girls in P4, along with Naoto, Chie and Yukiko, oh wait that’s all of them XD. Rise is a popular idol featured in tv and magazines, but being an idol puts a lot of pressure on this poor girl. She goes into hiding coincidentally to your small town of Inaba where she manages a Tofu shop with her grandmother. Her shadow is one too many since she has not established an identity due to her many roles. Given some time after the incident she gets very happy and even flirty with the protagonist, replaces Teddie in the support role and ultimately accepts her true self and continues with her career. For many, celebrity stardom is the one way ticket to success but it is not always so. There are only a few grade A actors and actresses out there that will really make it. Being popular all of the time just adds to a degree of paranoia and narcissism so take it from Rise to just be yourself and you will attract the good friends.

Kanji Tatsumi – Emperor Arcana


Kanji Tatsumi seems to be that typical juvenile delinquent. A bad school record and a lone wolf reputation doesn’t help to make friends. But he has a hidden side (some of you are already giggling), this might be a sensitive topic but his shadow features some homosexuality issues (that’s left up to the player to decide), and while he might be adept at sewing cute animal stuffs, that does not help his track record with the other guys in the group. But later on he realizes that its alright to have masculine and feminine interests. This brings to an article I read about men and balancing a masculine and feminine side. Focus on the man side too much and we become dickheads (pardon the word) and too much female side and we become wussies. There must be a balance between the two, hopefully Kanji will be settled in the future.

Yukiko Amagi – Priestess Arcana


Sometimes I wanted to let her and Rise’s Arcana’s switch sides since I really adore Yukiko, I mean every guy in Yasogami High wants to date her, heck she even got kidnapped because of it. She’s no wallflower though, she can be capable in a fight with my favorite element, Fire. Yukiko is an inheritor of a historical inn in Inaba, this Inn features the best in terms of traditional hospitality. As I did mention her in one of my favorite game heroines, Yukiko does not want to inherit the inn initially, she feels being locked up in a cage and wants to be freed from it to travel the world. In her acceptance of her true self with the help of our dashing protagonist she inherits the inn and cherishes life fully. Sometimes we are placed upon duties or responsibilities that make us feel like we are in a cage. But that is not true, for many people who are happy with life the secret is to enjoy what we do. Research Mother Teresa for more information.

Chie Satonaka – Chariot Arcana



This upbeat girl is a super fan of martial arts and boy can she kick. I’m thinking that she’s the new Chun-Li without the muscly legs. She is tomboyish and yet retains a feminine nature. She and Yukiko are the best of friends which began with a little puppy rescue. Her story involves a romantic at heart girl but has difficulty getting asked by guys out due to her…toughness. Her story is one of accepting her feminine nature. I don’t know if this is a main issue with women, but Chie knows that this will make her more stronger inside…so Girl Power! You go Chie!

Yosuke Hanamura – Magician Arcana


This city-slicker (oh wait that’s us) got to become assistant manager to Junes (Love the jingle), a clumsy but determined person that seems cheerful on the outside but has a dark secret that many of us can relate to. His shadow is can relate to me and many since we all want to be cool or want to be the hero. Nevertheless, Yosuke taught me to be more humble and not show off on stuff,that will just attract plastic friends.When he becomes best friends with the protagonist he somehow get jealous over the hero’s popularity but he stays loyal. I still reflect on Yosuke whenever I am reminded of owning shiny things. Now where can I get those headphones?

The Protagonist



Ah the silent protagonist, the epitome of JRPG’s. In P4 our hero is more upbeat and lively than his P3 counterpart. And from what I have learned as playing his role, its that everyone of us has the potential to improve and better ourselves and our relationship with others. A man of few words, he takes action whenever the situation involves him. Ultimately it was our hero that really solves the case. He is also a ladies man as proof of the many women who admire and fall in love with him almost like a harem…at the risk of getting caught. Stay loyal to your girlfriend. His many skills and hobbies make him a jack-of-all trades. Remember that many jack-of-all trades people are masters of none and only a few are an exception.

Our protagonists are teens I get that, but remember that our personalities carry on once we have set the pattern. P4 does a great job of getting into our psyche and really make us laugh,cry and smile. We need more games like this.

That’s it for this post hope this will make you guys busy while we drain the house of the remaining floodwater

We here at Zamboangamer039 have a very mixed view of cheating, why? Because is good and bad at the same time. I remember the very first game I cheated on was in Medal of Honor, there was a level that had snipers in a raining city. That was so hard, in my frustrations I logged in and found a godmode cheat by pressing ~ and typing in dog, Godmode baby!

Typing in Panzer at GTA:Vice City gave me a tank and a lot of crazy time to blow stuff up. All of you might be familiar with the TGM on The Elder Scrolls Series like Morrowind, Oblivion and Skyrim. Godmode seems to be one of the best cheats that makes you kill enemies without danger to your health.

There are other cheats like vehicles magically popping up, money cheats, cheats for clothes or items, relationship cheats,gravity manipulation, etc. These cheats get the player an imbalanced advantage over virtual enemies, manipulating laws of nature and physics.

Cheats are fun but they sometimes take the joy out from the game. For example I got all the powerful weapons, ruled the world with infinite cash all my enemies tremble and all the virtual village people love me.What’s next? Boredom ensues.

Ever since Zamboangamer039 realized that games are better to play with some degree of difficulty even on a easy level, cheats are for fun times but not always. So with that resolution most of the games I played and finished since high school have been without cheats.

In life, the reflection of cheating has its consequences, cheating on a test will make you pay for some level of ignorance later, on relationships it will really break hearts (not the virtual ones) without a chance for a clean slate, what’s done is done. In money terms that might be a different story as long as it’s legally made then you have got a big advantage…hmm I wonder if there is a way to make tons of cash without the need for a 9-5 job…

Anyway if you find yourself bored and impatient with your games, maybe it’s because you need to stop cheating and start playing it the way it should be played. That’s my opinion however, take it or not.

I love playing at the comfort of my own home. Zambogamer’s PC is filled with so many games that there’s not enough time to play with them. Name it, and Zambogamer’s probably got it on his hard drive. 

Playing at home is sometimes better than the internet cafe, since it doesn’t cost as much since someone’s paying for the electric and wi-fi bill (I have to help them now). It also means that you can grab a snack from the fridge without spending too much of your internet on the food. Another plus side is unlimited hours! mwahahaha

It’s peaceful yet kinda lonely though, and most of the time you might be out there with your friends doing other activities and doing more productive work.

Another disadvantage is if your computer is a shared one. No problem for me as I can give it to my younger brother or my mom or my dad if they want. But if you are the impatient type then it’ll be hard.

Zambogamer039 lives near 3 cafes in his neighborhood, all are within walking distance from the house. As I write this post, I often wonder if which among the two are better. Let’s take a look

The internet cafe, a technological domain for gamers, internet surfers, social networkers and the other regular people.My first cafe experiences was in highschool. There where lots of internet cafes back then near Saint Joseph School like FunBox,Rellik,Dexter’s,My Friend. After school me and my friends would play some counterstrike and other online games. After high school, I spent most of my college days in a place called Timbayan Bldg just near Western Mindanao State University, that place was a haven of internet cafes where me and my friends would play lots of DotA.(I even made a song about it called DotA Everyday). The days would carry on when we would laugh, banter and compete with each other. I loved the thrill of playing with other people on LAN or online, it was always noisy enough with more people coming in to use the facilities. 

I have lots of fond memories of the cafe. It was also where I spent most of my money. Sometimes I skipped eating or walked home just to save some money to play. Back in those days an hour cost 10 pesos, so just think of how many hours we invested in that. Looking at it now the bad thing about it though is that our investment was one-sided. While I did enjoy playing in the cafe, the money was also gone.If I totaled every thing up till now I could have saved it for buying other meaningful stuff.

Sometimes I pity the new generation with the hourly rate of 15-20 pesos. I know that the cafe needs to earn some money but 15-20 pesos seems like a ripoff. Some internet cafes like those in town with this rate are ones that I avoid as much as possible since I’d just be wasting more money. And with the blackouts? It’s just wasting time. In contrast though, I only go to these cafes to play new games which I don’t have on my computer yet. (hello HDD)

There are also some cafes with that funky cigarette smell and oily keyboards, I hate that. the last thing I need is to get lung cancer or unknown diseases from unhygienic places. You can agree with me on this one right?

The perfect internet cafe in my opinion is one without blackouts, air conditioned, friendly atmosphere, updated games,state- of-the-art computers and friendly attendants. This makes me think of G-Spot (It’s a cafe near Ateneo) and Endless Cafe (near the Nunez extension intersection).