All About Sugarfluff Cosplay Shop

Posted: September 18, 2014 in Update Board

Zamboangamer recently posted a review about Recettear : An Item Shop’s Tale, it was about a game that focused on running an item shop and selling gear to adventurers and townsfolk. To apply the same formula in real life was a dream job of mine. And this post will cover all about Zamboanga’s own cosplay shop.


Sugarfluff Cosplay shop operates as a legit online seller of all things cosplay-related. From wigs,lenses,props and costumes, this is the closest thing I could get to Recettear. It all started as an online shop on January 23,2013 as the brainchild of my boss and cosplaying friend Lara.


That’s her cosplaying Lara Croft from Tomb Raider, her idea for the shop’s name came when she was thinking about cotton candy and something sweet, from then on Sugarfluff came to be. Her specialties are wigs and lenses. She plays all sorts of video games and the most recent being Tomb Raider and the Mass Effect Series.


This is Bea, she’s my girlfriend and also acts as assistant manager of Sugarfluff. She’s the can-do girl and keeps things in order for all of us. Her specialties are wigs and lenses too. She loves to play Rhythm games, and got me into Dance Central 3, aside from that she mostly plays Cytus,2046,Tekken, Yu-gi-oh and Symphony.


This is Reji, Sugarfluff’s editor and assistant. He manages Sugarfluff’s online page, administrates our documents, and works as an extra pair of hands. Reji also helps us organize events being knowledgable in all things technical. He plays all kinds of video games and mostly plays Dance Central 3, Tekken, Cytus and League of Legends.


One of our resident craftsman/propmaker is Leo, He’s a wizard with making all sorts of quality things and this is due to his technical training. He is also knowledgable in all things anime. Leo also likes to wordplay and he makes a good friend, while he hasn’t that much time playing video games, his most recently played ones are Diablo 2, Torchlight and Persona.


Another propmaker/craftsman of ours is Kuya Mark, he’s a cool and funny guy who is also a photographer. Check his page out at He also makes quality props like Leo and covers many of our cosplay events here in Zamboanga City, his recent played video games are Farcry 3, Assassin’s Creed series and a whole lot of retro games.

Lastly, there’s me, I just help around shop basically. I met these guys just recently and found them fun to hang out with. We even opened up a local shop sometime ago in June but had to close it temporarily due to rent.

This is how it worked though, and it was a match made in heaven, we rented a small space alongside a gadget and printing shop, The owners are kind enough and we even made friends with them. One of them was a graphics artist and a hardcore gamer who I will feature later on.

The main highlight of the day was to entre the shop and set up the costumes and props, it was nice having a place to gather,hangout and most importantly, serve the customers with a smile. As days passed, I knew in my heart that with as all things it would come to an end. I just did not accept that it would end so quickly.

But still it survives as an online shop. And Sugarfluff continues to serve the cosplaying community, whether it be Zamboanga City or other Cities in the Philippines. Sugarfluff is a testament that whether you are a kid,a student or an adult with a passion to create or make a career out of any activity, then it can be pursued.

And I’m damned proud to be with them. Hope to do busines with ya 🙂 Keep on Gamin’


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