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What’s up fellow gamers? I saved a lot of stuff on the tablet that I could use for my reviews and I asked myself earlier, I should really write one now as it has been a long time since.

Imagining taking command of a massive bunch of armed warships was sometimes my childhood fantasy,ever since Starcraft…no this is not a review about that game, I have been absolutely engrossed with Terrans and their tech. The marine armor-powered suits are awesome and once you get to build Battle-cruisers and fleets of Valkyries and Wraiths it was pure ecstasy.

That dream came true…well not in real life but I do have a game that I can pour my heart into and that’s Strikefleet Omega


Zamboangamer came to this game by accident while searching the endless space of google playstore. The game starts out with your role as Admiral of a command ship, and after an brief introduction a massive invasion of insect-like ships come festering in from all sectors of the screen. They are led by a zerglike queen (Kerrigan was hotter).


Your ship is in the center. An impressive ship that has a basic fighter garrison and a mining crew. The objective of the game is to defend your capital ship from the enemy hordes. To do this you need to direct an attack-move command to a destination. Tap the number then drag it out, The fighters will automatically attack the enemy and if they get destroyed don’t worry, replacements follow.


Minerals come flooding in automatically with mine workers, and these minerals are used to create the rest of your fleet from fighters,interceptors,bombers ships which will dish out squads. These other squads specialize in taking out bigger enemy ships such as this one:


After the battles are down you warp into other systems. Ever since Earth was destroyed in the first level it’s not the same. In the armory you will be given a choice of upgrades and new ships which cost the standard currency. The more specialized ships costs real money.


Gaining the currency is hard work. Luckily once Survival mode is unlocked there is only the daunting challenge of conquering 100 waves lying before you and those credits. A pause button for a quick strategic review is good to have, and a fast forward button for those who want to skip the action and get on with achievements.

The achievement page is really a treat and make you feel like you are really rewarded for your efforts. A moment of silence for our brave fighters. These rewards add experience and credit points that you need to save up for a new ship or upgrade.

Overall the game is a good portable pick-me-up for aspiring admirals who want to take a break from the usual Starcraft saga that is if you love Terrans.

Graphics: The game’s graphic presentation is great for a mobile game of its caliber. Spaceship design is top-notch and seems to be inspired from other sci-fi shows and movies. Enemy designs are dark and insect-like depicting the evil alien race stereotype villains. Explosions and dogfights are always a joy to watch.

Sound: Expect sci-fi sound effects and electronic music to fit the edges of your tablet. Basic lasers to artillery shelling are expected of this game. Nothing significant to get an LSS from, and you might be better of playing rock music to really feel the action.

Gameplay: Directing squadrons of fighters,miners,interceptors, and bombers is the essence of this game as a space admiral. You really can feel the commanding presence of establishing patrol, intercepting, offensive and defensive routes. You might want to start developing strategic patterns to suit the enemy movement as they come form all sides. Warping other ships that are necessary to target enemy weaknesses is a must but one cannot deny the deployment of fighters as they are the earliest and possibly the core unit of the game.

Overall: Get this game if you are kinda bored with standards. Zamboangamer has only seen this game unique among others due to its gameplay. It’s gameplay is one that can be developed on and it could also do with some public exposure. an 8/10 from Zamboangamer That’s what this blog is for. Now I gotta get back and reach that level 100 in survival mode.


Hey gamers, Zamboangamer039 just got back from… Image


Yes that’s right I came back from this place when my girlfriend started asking for tickets. I said sure why not? I’m doing her a favor anyways (she’s 100 lvls higher than me). She also wants me to download it on my tablet. After sending her the ticket… I got hooked again.

Ahh Candy Crush. One of the most downloaded apps on the Google Play Store. It makes $60 mil a day. If I had programmed such a concept and marketed it well… I’d retire now. But obviously someone else did. Anyway, For those of you not being victims a stern warning is given. “DO NOT PLAY THIS GAME” because for many or most of us it’s addicting to the point of sacrificing our bodies to its devilishly coated gameplay.

Candy Crush is a puzzle game that will keep you playing for hours on end. The game is set on stages and you require lives in order to play. And even after it exhausts for miscalculations and errors of your gameplay you have the fb option to ask your friends for more lives to play with. The ticket checkpoints have a similar option requiring 3 friends to help you unlock for the next stage.


It start’s simple, and it remains simple in gameplay. All you have to do is match the 3 candies of color. Matching 4 of them gets you an upgraded candy which does more than look pretty. It functions by matching another candy with it and boom the combos start. There are many game modes such as clear the jelly, time limit, match the score, and CC posts this on the scoreboard for your bragging or humiliating rights.



It’s the “moves” that really make your gameplay methodical, think twice about matching the jellybean over the gumdrops haha. But seriously those little mistakes can deal large consequences like “one jelly left, OMG WTF this I lose?!” feeling.

The powerups like the lollypops and the jelly fishes are sadly bought with real money, I guess this is how KIng makes money off its competitive CC victims. Not me though, it’s one thing to spend money on something, but in game items are not on my list. (I need to write about it on my opinion page).



As to winning CC, there are some issues about random timing or lucky streaks, but what is true is that there are websites and blogs dedicated to guiding players even if they involve… certain methods. There is still a thrill to playing the game without them. If it’s free though we take what we get. *evil smile

Another issue comes to mind whether playing on the PC or Mobile is much better. Zamboangamer039 does prefer mobile though, no annoying ads on the sides to bother you. But most people like those in cafes may like playing on the PC before a DotA session or making their schoolwork.

Overall Candy Crush is an amazing game that oozes simplicity, it’s a great pick-me-up game before class or work and it will keep you entertained if not addicted to it. The colorful graphics especially with the upgraded candies is always a joy to watch, The soundtrack could do much better since the music is on annoying loop, the sound effects and the voice of what they call an unacknowledged voice actor (I’m thinking Jon St. John) of Duke Nukem is pleasing to the ear. So turn off music turn on sound. Candy Crush does want to keep you playing it even after no more lives. You are bound to pass the time developing more strategies to use for the next round. It’s a 10/10 Damn you Candy Crush!


This will be the last mobile game review for now. And we will end it with one of the most top ranking games in google play store. 


Oh Pou, when I play with you I remember my tamagotchi days, those really got my grades down. I had an oreo tamagotchi back in the 90’s and the character was an 8-bit mouse who ate cheese and slept in a hole. I was obsessed about taking care of him that made me crazy whenever mom would take it away from me, I would find it around the house and once I got it, darkness would loom over me as my pet is already dead.

I overcame that tamagotchi addiction as I grew up, it would be replaced with better games like Pokemon, Monster Hunter, and etc. But when Zambogamer’s girlfriend got her smartphone (A w500 Cherry Mobile Titan) and showed me Pou, I got hooked. I still have him (I like to think of him as male) on my tablet.

Pou is a pet game, (As Im writing this review I just gave him watermelons and pineapples for breakfast) Your goal is to take care of Pou in the different rooms of his house. There is a kitchen for food, a Lab for treating his health, a bathroom to bathe him, and a arcade where you earn money to buy him new stuff like haircuts, accessories,clothes,new wallpapers,toys, etc. And you earn that by playing games,

Pou’s Arcade has so many games and it’ll keep you busy for a long time. I do find that it gives little coins and despite of this you have to play many rounds and earn highscores just for a trickle of coins.


From the start Pou starts out cute and small, he gets bigger and cuter as you level him up. Sometimes he leaves…poo that needs to get cleaned up giving you some gold (let’s recycle poop). Pou gets dirty often and you really have to clean him before he gets sick.

Once his needs are met and you don’t want to play with him anymore, you can just leave him be while you do something else. A notification pops up reminding you to feed him, bathe him, wake him up, and treat his health. 

This will be a short review guys as I have to do another one today. 

Graphics: Simple and wacky colors and environments make the game neat. I love Pou’s character design, it’s so cute and simple, you can even change his color (default is green). The costumes are nice too (panda). 

Sound: I love the music in the arcade, many of the game tracks got stuck to my head. Pou also makes cute sounds when saying No! or when you rub him.

Gameplay: Simplicity is the core of Pou, it has great appeal for kids and kids at heart. The many games increase with difficulty and is a good challenge. The mulitplayer could use some tweaking though as I want to visit my girlfriends Pou but find myself in some random player’s house. But with regular patching, I’m sure that someday soon the multiplayer component will be better. It’ll keep you entertained for a long time. The best part also is that it’s free!

Overall:8/10 kids will love it, gamers will get addicted to it, get it, and watch where you step on XD

Lessons: You don’t need super expensive and impressive ideas to get a game going sometimes simplicity is the best.

Pou is an easy game but Real life is quite different, keep your head on reality.

An increase in mobile pet games like this might spark the next stage of the tamagotchi that we all loved.

Remember to take care of Pou as you would take care of yourself 😀

Our last post was about samurai and ninjas caught in a war for the unification of Japan, An epic struggle if you played the game. Let’s tone it down to a simple village in a far away land.


This game is a mix of rpg and simulation, it’s a real treat for gamers who want something unexpected in a mobile game. As with many Kairosoft games you are given charge of a small village and it is up to you to make it into a economic cash-cow.

Your goal is to make attract heroes, cater to their needs,protect the village and make a profit doing quests and hunting down monsters. Stating with some shops and a custom made hero you will spend some time looking on as he will buy some gear and items, move on a path outside your village and start hacking away at the monsters. As he kills them experience and gold is gained. The experience goes to the hero for leveling up and mastering his job/class. (they can be switched later). The gold goes to you for town maintenance and expansion.


Heroes are wanderers by start but if you keep giving them gifts such as weapons or armor and raise their approval to 100, then they will request to stay, so build some houses early on, As more adventurers arrive and the more the town grows, you will see a hunt,buy,sleep,hunt pattern in most of these heroes, they even help each other out if at the same zone. If they do get defeated they just faint for some time before fighting again, other heroes nearby will pick up the wounded and get them to the nearest inn for recovery. I love that teamwork.


The real dungeons though are on the field represented in caves,haunted forests,ruins and others which is a series of chests guarded by monsters, make sure your adventurers are armed to the teeth as defeated heroes get tossed out. They can still enter and catch up on their team to finish the quest. This feature is what I did not expect and its a letdown for me.

The one thing that I really found myself challenged was by the boss fights. A dragon family comes once in a while to wreck havoc on the village. There is no real wrecking per se and the only thing happening is the population decreases overtime. These bosses need to be brought down for large gold rewards. It almost seems to be a mmorpg raid as bishops heal and keep the tanks alive while soaking up damage, archers and mages add range support firing away arrows and fireballs at the boss. The fight is fun to watch as you anticipate the boss defeat. Dragtoise looks familiar…hmmm….


Won’t spoil much anymore, that’s for you to find out. But in terms of graphics:

The lovable 8-bit graphic style is unique among mobile games, the retro feel for older gamers brings back those days of simple gaming. Building and environment designs cover a medieval fantasy theme which is neatly presented without being ancient. The monster design is original, I have yet to see a goblin or an orc which is the usual type of mob present in rpgs. The dragons are cute chubby and lovable creatures though hehehe.

Sound: The game’s music is adventurous and covers an outdoor exploration feel. The sound effects are also addicting to the ears, though swords and fireballs seem to have the same bits.

Gameplay: The game is easy as pie once you get to know the pattern in running your village. Mostly your role changes from active builder to passive watcher as your heroes get stronger and the town grows. And once you complete the game, it gets kinda boring

Overall: 7/10, this game is still fun to play, it hasn’t the addictive feeling that other Kairosoft games have  and since it’s easy, the challenge is not really there. The concept is nice though and maybe the difficulty could be added for some amusement. The hero names are funny though. This game is good for a few hours before you turn your attentions to others. They did satisfy my dream of what it feels like if RPG settings are reality and everyone has it easy. The RPG elements of raids, buffs, equipment setting and leveling up is great. You did good Kairosoft.


Build it and they will come can sometimes be true. When your community thrives with attractions or scenery, people are certainly bound to take a look and they may even settle.

Start small then keep on growing to your fullest potential.

Kairosoft managed to combine simulation and strategy together in this wonderful game of ninjas and feudal wars.



Ninja village starts you off with a small plot of land in the Sengoku Era (Samurai Wars) As village chief your goal is to conquer the surrounding lands and gather support from them. 




And when you have secured your reputation in the land. The Emperor of the Ashikaga Clan requests aid in unifying Japan by contributing your wealth to raise troops for the campaign which you will lead. This makes the exciting part as raising armies and conquering other clans never gets tiring.ImageImageImageImageImageImage



You represent the Shogunate’s army. All armies are composed of the Bushi(Warriors/Infantry), Archers,Gunners and Cavalry. The battles are mostly automated with your option on choosing priority targets on the other side. Both sides take turns to inflict damage, starting off with the gunners shooting their foreign acquired muskets, followed by archers then the infantry and the cavalry come charging in. Numbers count but your ninjas also need to equip themselves with weapons and items that enhance their skills and stats (semi-rpg). Battles take 3 rounds, and you have to wipe out the entire enemy clan for victory otherwise a draw is issued and you have to try again.

Most of these historical clans like the Takeda, Hojo, Shimazu, Tokugawa, Date clans are featured in the game really make me feel like I’m playing STW2 (Shogun Total War 2) on a mobile scale.


But the ninjas actually don’t make me feel stealth-like to be honest, the game mostly focuses of a feudal unification, though some elements like Ninja’s poofing or using weapons like shurikens it’s more of a Samurai Village than a Ninja Village to me.





As far as graphics are concerned Ninja Village happens to be pixelated and the colors are bright and wonderful, It feels pokemon-ish or the standard gameboy advance color scheme. The character and environment details are wonderful and cute, there is no blood involved in the game as characters jump out of the screen if they die.

Ninja Village sound is a repetitive track of music played over the screen, the damage sound effects feel like cardboard being beaten on the mike, Zambogamer finds it strangely entertaining. It is reminiscent of gameboy sounds too.

On gameplay, the game is wonderful in it execution of combining strategy,simulation and some rpg elements. Ninja’s are villagers in peacetime. I did expect some sneaking around but the game makes ninja’s warriors of daylight. Though this is contrary to the stereotypical dark sneaky ninja, its the battles that make the game shine. The addition of animal friends are funny once you conquer/tame them. They can be equipped to your ninja just like an item ad you will see them fighting alongside you. A ninja dog adds movement speed for example that reduces the time the enemy can counterattack with arrows or bullets. The game is hypnotic and is a great time killer for those who want to see some pixelated violence going about.

Overall: Get this game which is scored at a 8/10 for its successful use of three genres. 


Lesson: Most Ninjas are over hyped for their supernatural powers, the true ninja however is an assassin and is as human as us. It is their mastery of skills that make them seem supernatural.

Japan’s history was one of unification with violent struggle. How blessed are we to live in a more peaceful century. They united under the rule of Tokugawa, that was one man. We Filipinos can do better than that.

When we are unified no matter how different we are then our city and our nation will improve and we will have better days.


You have been hearing on the radio that classes will be cancelled till further notice. You also probably miss going back to school…for the baon hehehe. Some of you already miss your friends and your crushes… Ah to be young again…

Looking at how the years go by, I actually miss going to school. High School in particular, to be able to remember all those moments of nostalgia, your first love, your most hated rival, the brotherhood of friends, your favorite and most hated subjects.

Anyway the past is past now, though sometimes we go back and fantasize on things that happened and things that should have happened, we must move on.

I had this itch to find school games for the sake of nostalgia, On the PC there is not much aside from the usual visual novels. And then I stumbled upon Pocket Academy.Image

This pixelated wonder is made by Kairosoft. It is this game that satisfied my wanting for a high school simulator on a management level. That means we are going to build schools.

Would you want your school to cater to more leisure real learning and after school activities? Or make it the rigged and mundane institution that many of us dislike in going to? It’s all up to you in this game.

You start with a small plot of pre-built facilities, a teacher, an assistant and some capital. You will have to establish a good reputation for better facilities, equipment and more students. We will explain in detail later.

The game features a two slot save system, one is manual and the other is an auto save feature which is handy. There are 5 areas to choose from, and you even get to name your school. I choose the rich kid’s school and renamed it from the default Sunny High to St. RichImage

This screenshot shows how much time Zambogamer devoted his leisure time to this game because it’s that fun to play it. And for playing other Kairosoft games, they have this knack for simulation games indeed.

When you start your own game it will look like hard work since you just have one student (made by you) and you have to spend some time in learning the game, the tutorial is lacking however, but once you get it you can apply it to other Kairosoft games. Soon though another student gets transferred, the money adds in.

Students are your lifeblood in this game, because they bring in the money (not for your own use!) for your school. This can be used to build facilities like class rooms, basketball courts,water fountains, farms and school stores (extra money), gardens, cafeterias, AV rooms, the Principal’s inner sanctum, and more. 



Students have stats and ambitions, and grades from subjects. Starting out school is too hard for many, this needs to be nurtured with your school, and aside from the facilities are the teachers.



Teachers have specializations on certain subjects. To increase the quality of education you need to level them up (seminars in real life) But be warned. You need to balance this with the student’s tuition otherwise your school funding will be in red and that means no extra curricular activities for the kids.

Mr. Doug Low started with 60+ for math and sci, I assume that he’s a chemist or physics teacher who speaks spanish. I leveled him up to the max level of 5, so be considerate of increasing stats and having teachers in every subject.

As soon as a year goes by students move up to second and third years and afterwards, get a national test to prepare them for college. Afterwards, graduation comes, it actually felt a bit emotional to see my first batch of Grade A students move on… they left me this as thier present.


Don’t worry if other’s don’t make it if they have bad grades, they will do part-time jobs after they graduate. But something in me does not want to let them just do that. I mostly focused my time in boosting their grades with Special Classes. Make sure they are willing to learn. Students with Auras learn faster.




So wrapping up this review…

Graphics: The pixelated cuteness of this game appeals to a niche of players. the colors match the seasons and ambiance from white winters, yellow summers, reddish autumn and orangy spring.

Sound: I must admit the repetitive use of the game’s music which was good at first, I heard minimal sound effects in this game so there is little to comment on this field.

Gameplay: Hours of fun and excitement, though it may get you sleepy sometimes. It does its best to make you really run the school, from faculty, classroom, extra curricular and club management. Making students graduate with flying colors brings virtual joy that they can succeed in life.And with 5 scenarios and locations, replaying the game tends to be more of a pick me up when you finish your main game.


This game ranks an 8/10 due to its niche appeal, creativity,macro and micromanagement, and fun, the game sucks you in as far as I can tell. A demo is available from google play store, the full version is priced at 200+ but if you have good sources well you already know what I’m saying hehehe


All the money in the world can’t buy the best education, The student needs only to be interested to learn,

Even if you have never graduated at the top of the class, that won’t define what you are in the future. So keep on striving hard for what you love to do.

Our educational system really needs an upgrade, K12 has some debatable points. Will an extended period of time really get students to learn enough?

The best education is life itself, school is a place for learning with other people.

For students: Make your school life the most memorable that it could be, strive to be the best, establish an awesome reputation, fall in love, attend festivals and activities, foster friendships with students and teachers, and lastly, plan for you future, if you fail then don’t let that define you.

For teachers: Please make your subjects relatable to the level of the students, we expect to learn from you as we need to find the applications of the subjects when we graduate. We are not static robots but people. Thank You

So this is today’s review, tomorrow lets do another one and it will involve Ninjas 😀



Hey guys, took a quick rest from finishing the last review SR4 hope you guys like it.

We at Zambogamer are aware of the mobile games taking lots of shares on the market, games like Candy Crush or Temple Run are downloaded by millions of fans and that grows with each smartphone or tablet holder. Zambogamer got so addicted to many mobile games ever since. Last night Zambogamer’s girlfriend (yes a girlfriend) sent a screenshot of a recent game that we were playing, she spent lots of hours on it and got super addicted. It was then that Zambogamer got the idea to review mobile games too and this is the first one.


This game is unique in that it was made by Filipinos, yes that’s right, the company called Kuyimobile is an independent pinoy game developer. I feel so proud of my countrymen for making this game and they did the concept with something we pinoys love…Streetfood 😀

I came by this game by accident actually, I was searching google play store for other kinds of games, it was a random thought that led me to search for rare gems like this one. I am happy to have found this. Once Zambogamer shared it to his girlfriend she got hooked by the game as well and knowing her, she is a gamer girl with lots of skill. That’s one trait in her that I love so much. (Even taught her to play DotA) 

Anyway the game is simple all you have to do is to sell as much streetfood as you can from 9-5 (business hours can be extended). What makes the game challenging is that different customers order different combinations of the food.Image

On first playthrough you will get an option on your starting capital Your own piggy bank saving, asking from your parents, and even loaning from a coop, I started small with the piggy bank because I did not want to acquire any debt, starting from the coop may get you lots of capital, but you have to spend it wisely else you get bankrupt.

There is some confusion on what to do as the tutorial only lists the controls. It was by trial and error that I learned to serve my customer, the first days were challenging since I could not tell what my customers ordered. Customers are edgy and impatient so better serve your food fast. (Tips for fast servers)

Take note that they list their orders in a speech/thought bubble. 

This also brings me to comment on the first choices of food, you are given a shabby cart and a tray filled with french fries, corndogs, sticks, french fry containers with condiments of ketchup and melted cheese. A bit stateside maybe as I have no idea if streetfood vendors sell these foods on our street.

It gets better with some real pinoy streetfood once you expand your cart, Kwek-kweks and Fish Balls are a welcome edition to the streetfood roster. 



Upgrades are what you save money for. The more the upgrades the better the service, the better the service, the better the sales. And this becomes the main cycle of the game. From that cycle comes the addiction.

There is even a stat sheet to help you track your progress throughout the game, this will better assess your ability as a salesman. If you find that your best selling day is consistent, then keep it steady so you can get the needed upgrades faster.

I did not actually know the game was made by Pinoys till I saw a customer wearing a Philippine shirt and familiar celebrities pop up on the upgrade page. our president, boxing congressman, and other celebrities are available customers that tip huge. They rarely come by though and only upgrades on your cart will allow them to partake of your goods.


The simple cartoon art design is appealing to many, especially kids. characters are featured as familiar people on the streets. The conservative animation made by characters still show the emotions of being impatient,or happy, or sleepy. 


The game’s music is pleasant yet repetitive, Sound effects are simple, though the best part is hearing customers genuinely saying thank you. I feel a bit of warmth every time I serve them since feelings of familiarity are present. Sometimes though the sounds and music get bothersome so I would turn it down, that save more battery and playtime anyway 


While lacking in the tutorial, I think the game wants you to learn by experience, once you learn the ropes the addiction begins immediately. Simplicity makes this game addictive by nature, many mobile games have this psychological hook for you to cook,fry,serve,sell something. (me thinks needs research) The game autosaves on the day before you open your store so if you get interrupted midway the and you have to start over. You will invest countless hours selling to customers so be warned.


It’s the gameplay that stands out in this game, the simplicity and addiction make it playable even by little kids, also a great time killer, the sounds might turn you off a bit but that need not occupy you much. I am happy to have found a rare gem like this and even made by our countrymen. I am even wondering if our fellow Zamboanguenos have a game app on the Play Store, if you do please contact me immediately 😀 I also liked the idea that it is free and that there are only little ads in the way, and what’s more is that everything in the game you purchase is via the coins you get from selling. More games need to do that. Streetfood Tycoon gets a 8/10. Start downloading now and have fun.


If you are starting a small business, then why not consider streetfood vending? It’s cheap, mobile, popular and even low maintenance,just make sure you food is clean and you have the proper business permits. 

Filipinos are avid gamers and the industry still has room to grow. Ever consider a career in game design?

I once asked a streetfood vendor on how much he makes a night, he says 500-1000 pesos on average. It’s not a guarantee though, as long as you keep your customers happy and they come back then you are already doing well for yourself.

You must investigate before you invest. Remember that this game is a just simulation.

You can start with nothing and come up with something 😀