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Posted: September 15, 2014 in Update Board


Hey guys 🙂 It’s been a long time since I posted on this blog, I haven’t been writing here, so let me give an account on what happened over the past year. Any readers of this blog might have speculated what went wrong and why I have stopped reviewing video games. This morning a bit of free time has allowed me to write on the what,why, and hows. I sincerely apologize for the regular readers here.


This year was so eventful,It’s a wonderful year to have met friends who have the same interests as you isn’t it? And that’s what happened. During April, I had a chance to meet Zamboanga City’s Cosplayers and became fast friends with them, most of them play video games and support the advocate to promote video games as this site teaches 🙂 (*insert persona social link established arcana here)


They belonged to a group called ZCTrolls (im gonna find a better quality photo *will update soon), which is a cosplaying group that loves to trololololol without other people’s expense, I even met my new girlfriend who is a cosplayer herself and is a gamer who loves rhythm games. Two of the “trolls” introduced me to this Xbox 360 Video game called Dance Central 3 at the local arcade, and daymmmm it got me hooked. Im going to do a first video review for DC3 soon, and it’ll be live for you will see us dance to the rhythm of so many beats.


Through the months I had to take on a job of assisting my family at the local canteen, we cater to Ateneo de Zamboanga High Schoolers from Mondays to Fridays. My shift ends after lunch break so I can go to town to meet up with friends or do other activities.

Those other activites also include writing a book. I have written 3 books but this will be the first one and it is all about cosplay.What is unqiue about this book is that it caters to the local Zamboanga Cosplayers. It took almost a year to research and collaborate as much data to be written down. I owe it to my new friends who have shown me another fascinating world that encompasses all types of popular media. It is currently in its designing stage and will be released this December. Fingers crossed for this one.


Another work related acitivity is the Cosplay Shop. Among the ZCtrolls, I met the people of Sugarfluff Cosplay shop, it caters to all cosplaying needs such as props, wigs, lenses and all kinds of cosplaying paraphernalia. Working alongside with thme has given a lot of lessons needed for business. Visit them here at https://www.facebook.com/SugarfluffCosplayShop


Another Cosplaying event is happening soon here in Zamboanga City. Here’s the details:


WHAT: ZANEC-R’s (FIRST EVER) Cosplay Workshop, in partnership with SUGARFLUFF COSPLAY SHOP.

WHERE: Tsokolate (N.S. Valderoza Street, Zamboanga City)

WHEN: September 28, 2014. 10am to 3pm.

Registration Fee is PHP270, inclusive of a STARTER KIT and ONE FREE MEAL.

Workshop will cover all the basics of cosplay, including tips and tricks!

For pre-registrations, please text this number: 09261785909.

Thank you, and please spread the word!

That summarizes everything so far. And  good news for aspiring bloggers, If you want to become a Zamboangamer blogger, then send a message. We are looking for like-minded people that shares the vision of video games as tools of education instead of a ptah to self-destruction. Join us 🙂

Till next time. Keep on Gamin’


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