Posted: September 28, 2015 in Update Board

After almost 8 months of working for a certain mall that will open in the city around November, I’m finally back and will start writing again…

Thinking of writing about

-Clash of Clans

-Continuing the What you can learn from MobA’s series.

-A list of games I play on mobile

-Tackling topics like video game sex,violence and drug abuse

And all others, Oh and since this is a huge feat to accomplish, I might settle down all my stuff,fix the house, spend a week trying to figure out how to put the schedule together, work and go home. So that’s it for now, Will see you in the next posts 🙂

  1. Rudolf Olah says:

    Awesome! I may have to blog about some Android games too! You should check out the Fallout Vault game and DomiNations has been a steady game like clash of clans but I feel like you can do more.

    I may have to do a round up of board and card games like chess, go, and blackjack. Fun games that can take a few minutes to few hours right?

    Glad you’re back to blogging!

    • Great to hear from you again Rudolf, writer’s procrastination is killing me. Am gonna try to structure and schedule for writing. Thanks again 🙂

      The Fallout Vault game plays like the command center part in XCOM, Clash of Clans is popular here for lots of reasons but I found it too overused in my tastes.

      Those board games are nice, Monopoly and Uno are my favorites haha down the drain go all the friendships hahaha.

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