What you can learn from MoBAs : An Introduction

Posted: September 19, 2014 in Update Board

I’m sure alot of the resident readers and future readers here will have a lot of experiences with playing MoBAs (Massively Online Battle Arena)  like some of these modern day games.




And many who read this blog want to know what they can learn from games like this. To a random person, these games are random acts of violence or addiction that give way to all kinds of blamed incidents. Was hearing commentaries on Dateline Teleradyo about DotA and it was not justified perhaps due to the lack of knowledge or awareness. I myself am planning to go and talk about this via the “radio station” itself or via podcasts.

There is so much to learn from MoBA’s I even wrote a book that needs publishing entitled Dota : Level Up Everyday. It was based on my college days of playing the first version of Dota and it detailed about every lesson you could ever learn in the game which included Sun Tzu’s Art of War tactics, everyday life application and added gameplay tips.I envisioned that it may be taught as a practical subject in colleges or schools and this link may prove it to be the real thing.


If any of you can recommend a good publisher or an app or someone who is interested in this little project then by all means please contact me via Facebook or my other social networks.

I can only pick a few essential lessons to start off with by playing these games so you could get a little preview. We will have the voice needed to advocate MobA’s as an educational tool too.

1. MobA’s teach Teamwork


Above all, teamwork will determine victory or loss. Pro-gamers know what roles their capabilites are in every hero they play. And even if they are not familiar with, coordination is the key to why they win a large amount of games. Contrary to some behaviors I have seen with other players insult and discourage their teamates with words like “bobo bos (you idiot)” or “stun, ay chinga bien bobo, noob” (i’d rather not translate but you get the meaning). I pity the that player who could possibly need encouragement or further training, or perhaps he/she is having a bad day, never discourage your teammates, rather encourage them or guide them as they play so that not only friendship between you is cared for, but it is also possible for games to be won through friendship, even when you lose, you gain.


2. MobA’s enchance Math Skills


To calculate the damage output or or budgeting the needed gold for an item requires math skills. Basic arithmetics is essential if you want to beat the enemy, how fast you can add,subtract, multiply or divide is the name of the game that yu are playing, even though a lot of estimates are made. I know some people play MoBA’s to sharpen and practice math.

I was never good with numbers but seeing those hit-critical strikes or that health chunk that you have while tanking makes me thankful that numbers and statistics were added in the game, otherwise it’d be overpowered. These numbers also make it possible for the game to be as balanced as it can be so quit whining at why your hero was recently nerfed or why an item was rebalanced for fair play.

3. MobA’s teach Patience


The pro-gamers know what it means to set up an ambush or think of theri strategies whilst they wait for their respawns. Unfortunately other players are less on the value of patience and rage-quit or trashtalk the whole way. You want to play like a pro? Be PATIENT.


Even now most of my time spent in the respawn counter was determining the next possible move or aiding my teammates tactically by surveying the map for enemies or ambush/flank points. I would chat them up or signal them to those locations. Sadly, for most of the time many players who are not in my team would ignore them only to find out via a grueling team genocide later.

Patience is a bitter seed, but the fruit is sweet. Patience when fully applied can make you win more games, just don’t spend that time AFK-ing (Away from Keyboard).

4. MobA’s teach Diversity

With the internet making online communities a chat away, it is important to accept people regardless of their language, ethnicity, sexuality, creed, and etc. Racism has been an issue that society that has always affected the world. The gaming community mostly excludes that and focus instead on your skills.

It doesn’t matter what the color of your skin is. In the game, skill matters. Take a good look at the heroes themselves, they come from all kinds of backgrounds, some are not even human and yet they compliment each other via the combination of skills or the roles that they were destined to do.

I played MobA’s with a lot of people, some are kids, some are students, some are adults with jobs and it doesn’t really matter as long as we are having a good time. Take time to make friends instead of enemies with the people you play with, It’s worth to know another person and their story.

5.MobA’s teach Resilience

Some days it is not going well, you have multiple losses, or your Match Ranking went down too far or your favorite hero is getting reworked in the upcoming patch. Do not let it bring you to your knees. The trademark of every hardcore gamer is no matter the defeat, they always stand up and bring victory.

Yes I have had my share of defeats, but the most important thing is to learn from them and reapply yourself in the next match, unless you are a pro-gamer at the finals of a huge tournament with all the pressure, then it is just a game.

Few people know the importance of a defeat and do the most immature things. If you are reading this then learn from your mistakes and compensate or fix things. Resilience is the most important lesson you can learn when you play MobA’s.

So how are you faring now? Knowing that MobA’s are really educational tools? And with this, I am starting a new series in the strategy tab that is all about the MobA: 31 Days to Improving Your Game.

Comment, Subscribe in this blog for more learning 🙂 Cuz it’s fun

Till then, Keep on Gamin’


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