What you can learn from MoBA’s Series : Lesson 2 – Know your Role

Posted: September 28, 2014 in Strategy

Do the words, Tank, Hitter, Support mean anything to you? Then this is the next lesson you need to learn, for many who are already familiar with the MoBA heroes and their roles then this will be brief and self explanatory but for the rest of the audience, this is where you can learn to fully unleash that hero potential.

There are many roles to play and some have secondary or sub-classes according to their skills or item combinations.Your playstyle will depend upon which class you can use to its fullest.

The Tank

This beefy role focuses on outlasting your opponents while you or your teamates finish them off. The tank usually focuses on items that will give a defensive edge over physical,critical, magical or true damage. Think of a mighty knight plated with the best armor(physical resist) with trinkets(magic resist) and pillows (extra padding).Tanks leave a mighty impression with many players and a tanks role in clashing is as important for the “kill zone” is riddled with hiddne mines, overly powerful wizards and

The Hitter

Hitters are the people who give opponets a run for their gold. Bandits,Assassins,Warriors,Mercenaries and etc are classified to be hitters. They might not be as armored as the Tank but Hitters are essential to dish out damage in the field. Hitters usually focus their item builds on damage and life-steal items to give them more survivability. The hitter roles are very popular in pub games and many players take on the roles of hitters for personal glory. A mature hitter knows how to fill out the role, give credit to their team and ultimately win the match. Tip: Don’t go as a hitter when everyone in your team already picked one. Unless you can alternate the role of a tank and hitter then best you get a pure tank

The Marksman

Similar to the Hitter, the Marksman deals damage, the difference is range. While hitters go in for the kill via melee combat, Marksman deal damage from afar, whether it’s an arrow,bolt,bullet,or spell the marksman can be the most lethal teamate or opponent that you can have. Marksmen go for items that enhance their attack speed and damage. Their strength also belies thier weakness due to the fact that they can be taken down easily when you pair up with a teammate that can stun and disable them, so be careful when playing as a Marksman.

The Carry

A hero that carries you through the game is a champion of its own class. Carries are usually packing up utility items that can be handy in a pinch. In a desperate situation who wouldn’t want to turn the tide around? Carries are heroes that understand the value of sacrifice. Sometimes your teammates are complete noobs, under-leveled or fed the enemy. The Carry is usually one step ahaed of the rest. Their item combiantions are wildcards depending on the situation of the game. They can aslo be a jack-of-trades if needed.

The Support

As stated in the previous lesson Supports lift the team up with their skills, but you must never go alone, your best bet is to go with an ally in a lane and boost him up. Those disables skills such as slow and stun will do wonders to the team cause. Playing support heroes are an advanced skill at bes

The Warden

A subclass of its own, Wardens are responsible for lighting up the map with pings,and sight items. Any role can play a warden as long as they have the finances to back this up. Let’s face it, wards and sight items are costly and expendable, but the payoff is worth it. Added sightlines allow you to know what the enemy is up to and will determine the strategies you require to win the game.

-I will update this entry with regards to player suggestions or guidelines. Have fun playing 🙂


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