What you can learn from MoBA’s Series : Lesson 7 – Last Hits and Denials

Posted: January 2, 2015 in Update Board

Let’s begin the New Year with the continuation of the MoBA series. For those that are new to this Blog, Zamboangamer is a gaming blog that aims to help us improve our gaming skills and also our daily lives. We are pro-education and actively strive to be accepted by the world for who we are. In this post I cover the MoBA a new type of gaming that’s taking the world by storm, you’ve seen people playing it in cafes, streamed from video sites such as YouTube, it’s part of an industry that has given birth to a new type of sport. The E-Sports, this is not just some kids hobby, it’s a serious multinational and multi-million dollar business that has players around the world compete for the shot of becoming Champions. Now this blog and this post covers stuff that pro-players do. It requires constant training and a level of maturity that is above the ordinary pub-game trolling.

I started this series last year and it was a by-product of researching how to improve my game, The knowledge that I have research is now passed on to you. Learn well and you will not just win games, but life too. Before we go ahead to the main topic why not take a look at our old posts from last year, be sure to give me feedback so I can help improve and deliver quality reading 🙂


Lesson 1 covers what you need to know on how the pros think like in the game, with the need for better game play and wins.


Lesson 2 covers how to maximize your role as a hero in-game. A team that effectively uses the hero’s role makes better games and more chances of victories.


Lesson 3 covers team communication, a bit of player psychology and how you can rally your team to victory. Encouraging and good communication is the way to raise team morale, win games and make friends. 


Lesson 4 deals with a better way to cope with those pesky defeats which creep up to you and ruins your day. It’s a must read.


Lesson 5 is a secret way to charge into battle, make a hasty retreat and line up for the kill effectively without losing the lives of the entire team.


Lesson 6 is what you see, what you get, this lesson teaches you to fully cover as much terrain as you can so you can expect enemies on the map which prolongs your teams survival.

And now we go to Lesson 7, Ever since you started your whole MobA career, the concept of getting last hits and denials ensures better game play, you can get better items faster, keep enemy levels below you, and make sure a defensive retreat when your tower’s health is low.


Now I can do all the explaining but I want to try something different this year, if there is material that’s accessed on the net then I will link it here.


For those who love numbers the guide above is your ticket to improved playing. Below is a video for those who want less of math and more of action. Either one will help you so why not check them out?


Gen Doukeshi does a superb job of explaining the last hit concept while adding in numbers,facts and several tactics. Professional and serious players know that auto-attacking is a no-no. I recommend you watch his video and for our intermission number here’s LilyPichu


A cute an adorable video that will warm your heart for sure. Unfortunately League of Legends does not have the denial feature, my hypothesis is for faster and intense gameplay, either way other games like DoTA or HoN feature denials as a way to help sabotage your opponents of the needed gold and experience. Denials are an advanced level of playing since they need meticulous awareness for creeps but they payoff is worth it.

Lets have VideoGamerTV give you a heads up on how to do denials with a last hit overview in DoTA 2


Take lots of time to practice and soon you’ll be singing along with this vid XD


Let me know what you think of this new post, Thanks Guys and as always Keep on Gamin’ 🙂


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