The random thoughts in the near future…

Posted: September 30, 2014 in Update Board

Guys, Goodmorning, I just wanted to share my thoughts of some of the things I would do in the future with the blog as it grows.

-Be a speaker and an ambassador advocating video games for the betterment of society.

-Write books that will spread the message further.

-Teach the younger generation and parents about the value of edutainment.

-Continue to improve and grow this vision and mission

A random thought came to me yesterday it was not the kind of shower-based thinking but an instant lightbulb. This is what the Zamboangamer mission encompasses, it’s followed by what would happen if I was interviewed by someone too 🙂

“When video games are used for good, then it can be a tool for education & creativity, it can boost confidence and self-esteem, it can foster friendships, teamwork, loyalty and community.”

Most if not all media non-related with video gaming demonizes it due to its graphical content depicting sex,violence, drug abuse etc. Or how it leads to no career or how useless it is in life. I know that for a fact since my parents are constantly nagging me at it.

I want to prove those people wrong,if any quote fits into this then it would be Homer Simpson when he said “Just because I don’t understand it doesn’t mean I reject it”.

Video games are here to stay, and that is a fact of life. The accessibilty of technology and geek culture being the center of our present day and the future. I know younger kids,middle aged adults, even grandparents playing some game on their tech devices.

So how does one find the right values in video gaming? Or what to teach the younger generation? Knowing Zamboanga City has no or little awareness with gaming potential then this is where Zamboangamer steps in.

When I started the blog back in September of last year, my father’s words were always in my mind these words where “how will you use that in life?” Constantly it scratched the back of my mind, and I could not take it off until finally I saw the solution. After looking at countless youtube videos of reviews, gameplays, walkthroughs, one thing was missing. And that sparked the brainchild of this blog.

At that time I had no idea how to spread the message, all I had was a notebook, a pen, and a brainstorming session, When I realized that youtube is a video blog, It dawned on me that blogging was the best way to spread the word, I had a few blogs before but they are dead ones with only personal stuff. When a video gaming blog about teaching people about video games came into mind it was then I started drawing webpages on paper, I wanted it to look like a gaming site but one that was accesible,readable and enjoyable.

With wordpress being the tool to post the articles and a facebook page, it soon became clear that this would be the passion that I would come to enjoy. Writing for people to uplift them from the trials they faced as gamers fills my heart with joy. Parents have even messaged and asked me what their kids should be playing and I am happy to recommend them games that teach skills like math or languages.

That also means that I will not surrender to the many dead blogs that lie in the vastness of cyberspace, I will continue on this mission and find others who are willing to help the world understand. It’s more than just a hobby, it’s more than just a time-killer, it’s more than just a lifestyle. It’s worth more than that.


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