Q;What is Zambogamer039 all about?

A:Zambogamer039 is a blog established to empower gamers while reviewing games. Our page was made to also cover the gaming scene here in Zamboanga City.

Q:What inspired you to do this?

A:Parents, they always scolded you and me that video games are useless and amount to nothing. Zamboangamer wants to change this because we love what we do.

Q:What are your favorite game genre’s?

A: RPG’s, Shooters, Adventure, Strategy types

Q:Will you ever stop gaming?

A:I don’t have the answer for that yet since I don’t know what I will do in the future, It is a big part of my life currently. I even imagine my elder self still playing lots more while retired.

Q:Is the life of a gamer hard?

A:Depends, if it earns you a living then you have my dream job. If not though, it’s hard especially when juggling aspects of life such as work and relationships. read more in my Opinion page.

Q:What game made an impact in your life?

A:Super Mario, I guess (don’t we all) it started my life as a gamer.


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