Opinion 4 – Pieces of Plastic – Video Game Discs “MUST READ”

Posted: October 21, 2013 in Zambogamer's Opinion
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Zamboangamer needs to tell a story of his youth. We cannot stress the importance of spreading the word for there are better uses to your money.Before the discovery of “download” sites. Zamboangamer039 goes to Maskipop, it’s a game shop in the city at Mindpro Citimall on the 3rd floor in Greenlane. Every weekend or month was a joyous time to spend the hard earned school allowance on new games.100 Philippine Pesos a day was 500 in a week and most CD’s cost 80 at that time. After installing the discs would be stored in a cabinet (that was flooded). I had a lot of them till college, then it stopped.

One of the reasons is that these “download” sites are already giving me enough games to play with without wasting away cash, another is the money is not coming in as it once did. (I really need a source of income) 😦

Never mind if you are a console gamer back then, you need the discs to play your games but when you are a PC gamer the only purpose these disks had was to install the data, there are incidents when you need that one CD to play, but when “cracks” came the CD was now a disposable piece of plastic.

You could make money by renting or selling these discs but they always get scratched when returned and worse is that they don’t come back at all. This has led me to the opinion of never ever buying any new games again. Downloading is better and with little risks (as a tip).

I have a lot of regrets with my CD purchasing. That wasted a lot of my wealth were in I could have saved that to spend on something better like a gaming console, my education, books, posters, dates with my girlfriend or make that as a small business capital. 

Oh well, this is my opinion to my fellow countrymen. Some of you do have cash to spend on probably collectors editions of a certain game, believe me I am tempted to do so as well. I wanted lots of collectors items. But really what do these things really do aside from conversational pieces or trophies or dust collectors? There are better things to spend the money on than just that.

This is a piece of advice to many kids out there. Better spend your money on something worth investing on the future. Do not make the mistake that I did, you are even fortunate to have these “download sites” at your time. If I had only known sooner that this would be the future…

Remember that pieces of paper (MONEY) is more important than pieces of plastic. This is an opinion however, take it as it is.


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