Zamboangamer039’s Reaction to Two Employees playing Video Games

Posted: October 23, 2013 in Update Board



This was on national television last night and Zamboangamer039 was in delight to se and report this on the blog because of the popularity it is gaining on facebook and other social media sites. These two work at NAIA, Ninoy Aquino International Airport which has been labeled as one of the worst airports around. Honestly, Zamboangamer has never traveled before to a place like NAIA and will skip it to avoid traffic. Upon analysis of the picture the person on the left is playing Candy Crush and the other is unknown to me. Feel free to comment upon your closer inspection.

The many negative comments abound the pages of many news and social media sites. And while the picture features no people standing in line. The management has guidelines pertaining to video games at work (won’t bore you with the details).

These two will either be suspended or fired from work, suspension would be best since jobs are hard to come by. This brings us to advice our readers that playing video games at work is to your own risk. We know that boredom strikes you from time to time but better if you stay focused at what you are doing or if you can’t handle that then at least form a hobby related to the job or be a ninja and sneak in your phones to play.

This is Zamboangamer039 saying that video games are fun and society may hate us from it but don’t worry, love what you are doing and keep smiling even though times are tough because we can relate to you. 😀 Keep on Gamin’


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