A month long of posting!

Posted: October 21, 2013 in Update Board

Zamboangamer039 is so proud to have written many posts for a month. I never realized that I would be writing reviews and random posts for this long the least I was expecting was 2 weeks since that is the usual blogging life span.

With 50+ posts, 100+ hits and a following Zamboangamer039 wants to raise exposure in a way that means to own our very own site!

I really have no clue on how to do it and based on my various researches which I won’t bore you for sure. Getting our own website might be a tricky business.

So I am asking for your support on this one fellow Gamers, visitors and friends. We might be going under Patch 3.0 which means that we will move all the content on this site from wordpress to our own unique site.

I would also inquire on other details but better PM me on my FB site. There is lots to do and little time to do it. But till that time we will continue to post reviews. We hope WordPress does not take it off.

Thank you once again for visiting and keep on gaming 😀

  1. Congrats with your first month down. Believe it or not I’ve been at it for only just under 2.5 months give or take. Having your own site is more work than a wordpress.com site but once you get past the initial learning curve it isn’t too bad. I don’t know much about transferring sites but I did set up mine to be a wordpress.org right off the bat. But best of luck to whatever you decide to do and I am looking forward to reading your Rome II post when I get a chance.

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