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Many games are won by good communication as a big factor. Would you rather hear a complimenting thumb-up for destroying that tower or an insulting dagger at your back for kill-stealing?

The secret of winning through chat within in the game is simple if you can be mature enough to understand the importance of teamwork. I have seen too many players abuse the chatbox only to be frustrated and lose the game, lose their friends and lose everything.

So if you want a chance at winning then read on.

1. The Beginning


Once you are logged in to the game the first things you will certainly do is pick those skills, buy some items and head on into the lane. This is the best time to communicate your strategy, who you will be with, how will you support one another and if possible put in a good word. typing in “lets have a good game” or some other inspiring sentence will do wonders to lift the team spirit. You want to be positive at the start even if the outcome is uncertain. Who knows…the other team may have intimidating heroes but lesser-skilled players with lag spikes 🙂

2. The Early Laning Phase

This phase will determine the rest of the gameplay, so chats are very important in this point. Cooldowns are some of the things you need to take note so let’s say you have gotten your SS and you have just recently casted it. It helps to chat your teammates with example: “SS CD 60 secs”. This means that your ultimate skill has a cooldown of 60 seconds which will give you and your teammates time to delay or plan out your attack or defense accordingly. Typing in OOM or low mana will signal to your team that you might not have enough to cast a skill. Another trick is to type in how many times you can cast a certain skill or if you got 1 more card up your sleeve before making a run home or going for a quick regen via potion.

When you do get back to the fountain to pick up items or regenerate your health, at least say “brb”, if things are a bit heated because your health is low and the enemy is bringing in a huge creep wave then type in “hold,i reg n tp” this will mean that you are telling your ally to hold the tower while you go back to base and then teleport back to your ally for added backup.

In this phase, you communicate or you die…alot. Knowing the difference will enhance your survival rates and carry you through for the mid and late game.

3. Apologize


Sometimes mistakes and setbacks can drag the whole team down. Be humble enough to apologize and say that you will help the team recover at the next opportunity. Selfish and arrogant players are soon to be reported or banned from playing the entire game, so watch your behavior and do your par

4. Map Awareness

Using the mis or signaling enemies if they went off the map is a sign of respect and concern to your allies. The last thing you want to hear is “wtf why no warn O_O” from your allies. Pings are handy too, the secret to pinging is to do it not once but three times. Three times will indicate attention and the intensity of the situation. If there was a morse code you can learn from, it’s this:

3 Pings on darkened map location – Missing hero/heroes, Danger.

2 Pings on ally side – Go here, Set up Ambush, Need Aid.

1 Ping behind ally hero – Fall back, Be careful.

Other pings may indicate otherwise, this is what I use in game, Now that the secret is out, I may as well share it. Other games have the ping wheel where player commands are summarized into nifty ping-and-tell signals. This is handy in a pinch, so use them wisely.

5. AFK-ing

When your loved ones are asleep or your girlfriend has given permission to play, everything feels so right. The timing couldn’t be better…until you really need to go AFK (Away from Keyboard), maybe you nature calls you really badly or you want to fix a snack while the game is gonig on. At least type in AFK for a bit cuz I (state your reason). Mature players will understand this as long as you get back in the game and speed level. Never type in AFK and be away from the keyboard permanently.

6.The Mid Game Phase


The mid games is the juicy part. Towers will usually be taken down by the mid game, but it also helps to keep up the communications instead of staying quiet. Map awareness (No.4) is put to good use here. Setting up clashes, ambushes, wards, rune taking or jungling will come into consideration too so be mindful of the chat box. As you go further into enemy territory knowing when to advance or retreat is necessary.

7.That Boss

Whether its Kongor, Baron Nashor or Roshan, this requires good teamwork to take them down, it could also mean sacrificing the defense of the lanes for extra gold. Take caution and consider if the enmey might be in the same spot. Whenever someone types in that boss name, you can choose to agree to go with or to give the enemy a distraction by pushing the lane. Responding politely with tactics in mind will help your team get the cheese and whatever item that is XD.

8.The Late Game Phase

If you are on the winning side of the game then call it in to finally end the game. A coordinated strike with your teammates win you the game but remember to be level-headed. Games can sometimes turn the tables and it’ll be you on the losing end. Always encourage your teammates to end the game fast. This is to prevent the enemy from taking a foothold in establishing the right counters for your team, it also means that you will be able to play more games.

On the losing end however means that team morale is low. Encourage a quick defense, rally your team to turn the tide against the enemy and to your favor. Those near loss games really make it memorable. When it really comes down, a last stand will gain you the respect of your enemies, but sometimes its better to stick with the fountain until the game ends. And if you have done the best you could following this guide, then you might even gain some friends.

9. Dealing with the Enemy

Taunts hardly work in the game, unless you are a master of psychological warfare then you could use this to demotivate your enemy but game ethics would define this as verbal harassment. The best thing you can do is be honorable in treating your opponents. To be silent throughout the game limits enemy harrassment of you, and if your teammate is being picked on, tell your teammate to save that anger and vengeance and deal it to the enemy by killing the hero, this will shut your opponent up.

The best value when playing the game is summarized in a quote “Humble in victory and gracious in defeat.”

When you lose the game, its normal to be frustrated and angry, to blame your teammate is what you would do, but a Pro knows better than that. Never ever blame your teammates, you are part of the team and if you could not carry your team to victory then the falut also lies with you.

10. Substitute Trashtalking

Probably the best action to not be reported for verbal harrassment is to simply substitute words on chat, instead of the word “shit” why not use “biscuit” or “crap”? It sounds corny at first but as you allow yourself to say it, frustration will lessen. All too often to games are lost due to the excessive spamming of vulgar words. Mature players know that “cursing” is okay as long as it is in its proper place. With a majority of MoBA players being of younge age, you can even “correct” them that it’s not right to type in bad words.

More on trashtalking later. But with these 10 steps, it’ll really help improve your game.

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Guys it’s finally thursday and that means we will be doing a game review from ages long past. Our first game to be featured in TT is *drumroll… FableImage

Ah this game takes me back to 2005, Zamboangamer first encountered this game on my friend’s Xbox, (thanks Karl John Montina) I had to wait for the PC release due to extended content and it turned out great.

Fable is an Action-RPG, you take the role of a Hero, whose bloodline revolves around being guardians of a faraway land called Albion (this was the ancient name of the U.K). The game was so fun from the start that I installed the game again and reliving the joys of simpler times.

Unlike most RPG’s that start you off as a young adult, Fable starts you off as a child, I had delights of exploring the hometown of Oakvale. Which is a quiet village near the sea, Your first quest is to gather some gold for your sisters birthday present and it doesn’t involve killing mobs but doing either good,evil or a mix of deeds.

Your about to give your birthday present to your older sister Theresa and enjoy the day celebrating her birthday with your family and have peaceful days aheadImage

Bandits attacked Oakvale and killed everyone including your dad. Your mother and sister have been taken away and you are left alone, only to be teleported by a mage named Maze (so original XD)

You are then admitted to The Guild of Heroes a powerful school that has made heroes out of so many. Your life then begins with training and study, until the day when you can exact vengeance on your enemies.


There are three combat disciplines to master. Strength,Dexterity and Will, which is subdivided into more sub components covering speed, toughness, spells etc. Once mastered however no challenge is big enough anymore.

The game is very easy because Zambogamer039 was taught early on by KJM tips to easily strengthen your hero.  That includes a certain weapon and a merchant, search the game guides to find out more. Facing the final boss is disappointingly easy due to your maxed out stats if you decide to invest experience before the final fight.

The only difficulties encountered is gathering enough XP on the Will Tree since it involves so many spells, fighting enemies that surround you ,which is most of the time and upholding your boasts (example no damage obtained in missions).

The main missions are linear at best, kill a number of enemies, or hold out in defense. My favorite is Witchwood Arena Questline since a lot of XP will be gain from it.

The minigames like fishing, cards, coin pong, and fist fights are fun to play and they are sometimes essential to get more gold and recognition.

The Day and Night and A.I cycle is far ahead than that of Oblivion or Skyrim’s Radiant A.I, Shops and houses are open by day, workers are unloading goods and merchants displaying items and people going about. By night guards patrol for sneaky thieves, that includes you too.

Morality in this game affects not only those around you but your hero as well. The more goody-goody two shoes you are the more older you get…plus a holy Aura shows while your standing and butterflies swirl around you, the darker and sinister you get the more your horns grow and a rotting aura fills the air as you momentarily pause.


In retrospect get this game, the graphics were cool at that time and it still awes alot of people today, the sound music and effects are so memorable, I can even play Oakvale’s theme on piano, though not as mastered its still nice to hum to it. The gameplay is for you to really experience and it’s a long one fro the completionists. And whether you love or hate Molyneux this game set the tone for many unique rpg’s out there. This game is a 8/10.


Every one of us is a hero. As I am writing this I give tribute to the many soldiers fighting in the filed, those who have died to defend our liberties and rights. To the volunteers for their dutiful services in the midst of the dangers and our city’s current crisis. To the donors for your generosity to the less fortunate evacuees who number in the thousands I salute you guys.

You don’t have to do big deeds or embark on epic quests to be known as a hero, even the tiniest act of kindness sends a ripple to many, it may not be much to you but to those you have helped it will certainly be great.

We are all made in the image of God, thus we all have the seeds of greatness within us, we only need to start growing it.