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Guys it’s finally thursday and that means we will be doing a game review from ages long past. Our first game to be featured in TT is *drumroll… FableImage

Ah this game takes me back to 2005, Zamboangamer first encountered this game on my friend’s Xbox, (thanks Karl John Montina) I had to wait for the PC release due to extended content and it turned out great.

Fable is an Action-RPG, you take the role of a Hero, whose bloodline revolves around being guardians of a faraway land called Albion (this was the ancient name of the U.K). The game was so fun from the start that I installed the game again and reliving the joys of simpler times.

Unlike most RPG’s that start you off as a young adult, Fable starts you off as a child, I had delights of exploring the hometown of Oakvale. Which is a quiet village near the sea, Your first quest is to gather some gold for your sisters birthday present and it doesn’t involve killing mobs but doing either good,evil or a mix of deeds.

Your about to give your birthday present to your older sister Theresa and enjoy the day celebrating her birthday with your family and have peaceful days aheadImage

Bandits attacked Oakvale and killed everyone including your dad. Your mother and sister have been taken away and you are left alone, only to be teleported by a mage named Maze (so original XD)

You are then admitted to The Guild of Heroes a powerful school that has made heroes out of so many. Your life then begins with training and study, until the day when you can exact vengeance on your enemies.


There are three combat disciplines to master. Strength,Dexterity and Will, which is subdivided into more sub components covering speed, toughness, spells etc. Once mastered however no challenge is big enough anymore.

The game is very easy because Zambogamer039 was taught early on by KJM tips to easily strengthen your hero.  That includes a certain weapon and a merchant, search the game guides to find out more. Facing the final boss is disappointingly easy due to your maxed out stats if you decide to invest experience before the final fight.

The only difficulties encountered is gathering enough XP on the Will Tree since it involves so many spells, fighting enemies that surround you ,which is most of the time and upholding your boasts (example no damage obtained in missions).

The main missions are linear at best, kill a number of enemies, or hold out in defense. My favorite is Witchwood Arena Questline since a lot of XP will be gain from it.

The minigames like fishing, cards, coin pong, and fist fights are fun to play and they are sometimes essential to get more gold and recognition.

The Day and Night and A.I cycle is far ahead than that of Oblivion or Skyrim’s Radiant A.I, Shops and houses are open by day, workers are unloading goods and merchants displaying items and people going about. By night guards patrol for sneaky thieves, that includes you too.

Morality in this game affects not only those around you but your hero as well. The more goody-goody two shoes you are the more older you get…plus a holy Aura shows while your standing and butterflies swirl around you, the darker and sinister you get the more your horns grow and a rotting aura fills the air as you momentarily pause.


In retrospect get this game, the graphics were cool at that time and it still awes alot of people today, the sound music and effects are so memorable, I can even play Oakvale’s theme on piano, though not as mastered its still nice to hum to it. The gameplay is for you to really experience and it’s a long one fro the completionists. And whether you love or hate Molyneux this game set the tone for many unique rpg’s out there. This game is a 8/10.


Every one of us is a hero. As I am writing this I give tribute to the many soldiers fighting in the filed, those who have died to defend our liberties and rights. To the volunteers for their dutiful services in the midst of the dangers and our city’s current crisis. To the donors for your generosity to the less fortunate evacuees who number in the thousands I salute you guys.

You don’t have to do big deeds or embark on epic quests to be known as a hero, even the tiniest act of kindness sends a ripple to many, it may not be much to you but to those you have helped it will certainly be great.

We are all made in the image of God, thus we all have the seeds of greatness within us, we only need to start growing it.


Our last post was about samurai and ninjas caught in a war for the unification of Japan, An epic struggle if you played the game. Let’s tone it down to a simple village in a far away land.


This game is a mix of rpg and simulation, it’s a real treat for gamers who want something unexpected in a mobile game. As with many Kairosoft games you are given charge of a small village and it is up to you to make it into a economic cash-cow.

Your goal is to make attract heroes, cater to their needs,protect the village and make a profit doing quests and hunting down monsters. Stating with some shops and a custom made hero you will spend some time looking on as he will buy some gear and items, move on a path outside your village and start hacking away at the monsters. As he kills them experience and gold is gained. The experience goes to the hero for leveling up and mastering his job/class. (they can be switched later). The gold goes to you for town maintenance and expansion.


Heroes are wanderers by start but if you keep giving them gifts such as weapons or armor and raise their approval to 100, then they will request to stay, so build some houses early on, As more adventurers arrive and the more the town grows, you will see a hunt,buy,sleep,hunt pattern in most of these heroes, they even help each other out if at the same zone. If they do get defeated they just faint for some time before fighting again, other heroes nearby will pick up the wounded and get them to the nearest inn for recovery. I love that teamwork.


The real dungeons though are on the field represented in caves,haunted forests,ruins and others which is a series of chests guarded by monsters, make sure your adventurers are armed to the teeth as defeated heroes get tossed out. They can still enter and catch up on their team to finish the quest. This feature is what I did not expect and its a letdown for me.

The one thing that I really found myself challenged was by the boss fights. A dragon family comes once in a while to wreck havoc on the village. There is no real wrecking per se and the only thing happening is the population decreases overtime. These bosses need to be brought down for large gold rewards. It almost seems to be a mmorpg raid as bishops heal and keep the tanks alive while soaking up damage, archers and mages add range support firing away arrows and fireballs at the boss. The fight is fun to watch as you anticipate the boss defeat. Dragtoise looks familiar…hmmm….


Won’t spoil much anymore, that’s for you to find out. But in terms of graphics:

The lovable 8-bit graphic style is unique among mobile games, the retro feel for older gamers brings back those days of simple gaming. Building and environment designs cover a medieval fantasy theme which is neatly presented without being ancient. The monster design is original, I have yet to see a goblin or an orc which is the usual type of mob present in rpgs. The dragons are cute chubby and lovable creatures though hehehe.

Sound: The game’s music is adventurous and covers an outdoor exploration feel. The sound effects are also addicting to the ears, though swords and fireballs seem to have the same bits.

Gameplay: The game is easy as pie once you get to know the pattern in running your village. Mostly your role changes from active builder to passive watcher as your heroes get stronger and the town grows. And once you complete the game, it gets kinda boring

Overall: 7/10, this game is still fun to play, it hasn’t the addictive feeling that other Kairosoft games have  and since it’s easy, the challenge is not really there. The concept is nice though and maybe the difficulty could be added for some amusement. The hero names are funny though. This game is good for a few hours before you turn your attentions to others. They did satisfy my dream of what it feels like if RPG settings are reality and everyone has it easy. The RPG elements of raids, buffs, equipment setting and leveling up is great. You did good Kairosoft.


Build it and they will come can sometimes be true. When your community thrives with attractions or scenery, people are certainly bound to take a look and they may even settle.

Start small then keep on growing to your fullest potential.