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Today is my second review and its on Minecraft

This addictive game from Mojang got so many hits from around the world that millions have made creations of astonishment, from castles to the seven wonders of the ancient world, to cute stuff like Nyan-Cat and Steve himself (the main character). Fan made tutorials abound the youtube channels gathering millions of views. It’s inspiring to see a game that puts your creativity to good use.

For us at Zamboangamer we did not create such feats…yet. We will however go from humble beginnings to give you our adventure. We will start off with a simple world named Minecraftia (put ‘tia’ in any word and you have a world).

Before we get to our story, let me tell lay a bit on those who don’t know the game yet. Minecraft is a game of building, hunting, exploring and most importantly mining and crafting (as the name suggests). There are two separate modes of play; Survival and Creative.

Creative mode is for those who want to build stuff with unlimited supply, if you see pictures of awe inspiring wonders on the internet, most of them are created with this mode.  You might spend countless hours with it so plan your creations first and get lots of screenshots.

Survival mode (my fav) is the mode which gets the blood going, this mode lets you rush to gather materials on the first day, for when night comes expect…danger. Its an experience that many players enjoy and because of the dangers, you will mostly be making defenses, traps,armor and weapons.

We shall review the game as we get with the story. Let’s start!


Minecraft is a game that I followed ever since I saw the first videos on youtube. I never expected to play this game in 8-bit. I am happy because it takes you back to those Family Computer (SNES) days…90’s kids can relate. Some expect the graphics to be ugly, but Zamboangamer loves games too much to bring them down.

We start off in a desert area, It’s not what I expected since most RANDOM points start you off near the coastlines. You play as Steve, a silent protagonist who is a talented Robinson Crusoe like man. The main objective of survival mode is to get to a place called “The End” and defeat the Ender Dragon. Though the objective is simply linear, to get to the end of survival mode is a long journey. Finishing the game takes a lot of mining, and you will spend of the time in the darkness of chipping away stone blocks.

Lets not get ahead of the backstory, back to the present, I decide to go seek for shelter right away as I don’t want to spend the night wandering when there are creepers (enemies) abound.


It wasn’t long till I found a patch of green, since I had time I decided to instantly collect wood. It is the first resource that gets you from point a to b, from wood we can get started on making a crafting table (super important) and tools. I decided to make a pickaxe and skip all the other tools as I want to upgrade to stone right away. I have some prior knowledge since this is not my first playthrough.



I also decided to find a cave and start chipping away, this serves for two important purposes. First, stone (cobblestone when mined) is a good material for building defenses such as castles or forts. Second, a small secure cave is better than a wooden house out in the open area. I’m lucky I found a random generated cave early on (Note that your journey will likely be different from mine).


I instantly made a stone pickaxe that will replace the wooden one made with the crafting table. Upgraded materials like stone or Iron perform better than wood. I also put cobblestones to shut myself from the world so I can concentrate on getting more stone.

The sounds minecraft make are fitting with the environments, Im in the cave with winds howling. I hear sheep,pigs and ducks making sounds outside. The small music tracks while mining away make me feel safe and secure, even with the thoughts of scary spiders or creepers lurking around every corner.

The cave feels dark though, so I decided to make torches and put them on the corners, I do this while feeling like a caveman, perhaps most players feel this way starting out. Upon mining more cobblestone I made more tools out from it, an axe,sword,hoe (farming), a boat and shovel and furnace, Steve spent 3 pickaxes to mine for some stone which will be made into a fort and tower later.

The crafting table is the most important tool in the entire game. From it you can make a large number of items, its handy to have an extra mobile one for long trips.


Minecraft’s gameplay in survival mode takes hours but its seldom boring. Your adventures can take you to places sometimes funny, sometimes scary but thats always a good thing as the world is huge and covers lots of climates from snow covered tundras to warm sunny jungle islands. The place I am now is a quaint forest grassland which is advantageous for its animals, rivers, and mines near the mountainsides.

My first funny adventures involves looking for coal, before making the torches I needed to find more coal, so I ventured out and tried to look for it. I searched for any source in the nearby caves and it did not take me long to find a vein of it just near from where my cave was.


Above the cave ceiling was a small vein of coal and started chipping away, confident that I would finally have the resources to light my cave (I showed you how to make torches in the previous images and that is after I found this). Image


When I made some torches I placed them and started more mining only to find that there was coal in my cave all along. I giggled at my own serendipity after that and thought I should have done this in the first place.


More mining took place last night, it was good that Steve did not need bedrest (to be talked about later). I did not care for the world outside since it was probably swarming with creepers and evil things now (poor animals). Day one of my survival had ended. but it has only begun. When I saw first light of the rising sun I stepped out and this is what I would share to you guys.Image

Clear skies, reminding me that in times of darkness like what our city situation is, there will always be hope and a sunny day (corny as that might seem its true).

On my second day of survival, Steve will be looking for a good place to build a fort, from caveman to a medieval lord is a great leap. I decided to look for a vantage point in the mountain or hillside to get a good view of the surrounding area. It is a good tip for starting players. We found one just above our cave and its a perfect spot for defending against the dark hordes at night.


In building the fort I consumed a lot of cobblestone 300+ i think or less. The tower is still under construction and I hope to add 3 or more floors for it. looking from a crevice near the location it would mean instant death for me…or the creepers, just need to set a good trap for them.I also put up a dirt marker with torches in case I get lost in the wilderness. It helps to make your markers from dirt, or stone if better and place torches and signs(later).


This guy even welcomed me in the new location. Hello Piggy :3 I will hunt you down later XDImage

The beautiful sunset only reminds me to rush the fort’s semi-construction. I need to start barricading myself in. And so Steve did enclosing the fort. With darkness soon coming in I found myself patrolling the walls and getting hit by some arrows. As I retreated to a secure place in the fort and looking for the hidden archer… I found myself encountering for the first time…this creature…


…Will Steve and I survive this night? Stay tuned. For now lets wrap this review up


Minecraft’s graphics are reminiscent of 8-bit games before and now. Frame rates are good for video capturing programs like Fraps (I’ve already captured footage and will be posting at a later time,stay tuned).


I expected blocky 8-bit video game sounds on this one, but turns out it wasn’t the case, I still love the short music tracks that play and the ambiance they give off. They set the mood when playing the game.


A huge chunk that will provide you hours of fun and replay. When I first played Minecraft, I spent days reading item guides and tips, watching tutorials and experimenting  them on my games. Controls are simple to use, Camera can be adjusted in sensitivity. There is no in-game tutorial though so kudos to fan-made tutorials on Youtube.

Creative mode is fun as you spend hours building on projects, You can fly can take screenshots as soon as you got what you are looking for. Planning on your creations helps make you dream come true.

As I write this review there is an inclusion of Adventure and Hardcore mode. Adventure mode allows you to play player generated maps with the exception of destroying certain blocks. Haven’t played one yet though since I am content with Survival Mode for now. Hardcore mode is basically Survival Mode on Hard.

The multiplayer mode is a nice addition as it allows player-driven communities to help each other out. Some servers may be too laggy here from my experience. I welcome any server suggestions for better game play. Let’s help each other out.


Minecraft is a 10/10 for its simply addictive experience, the file size is small enough for a regular hard disk compared with other games that need large amounts of disk space and have short content. Minecraft is updated actively as more patches continue to improve the gameplay and performance of the game. Whether you are a newbie to it or an experience veteran, then you are sure to come back to Minecraft for more.

Credits to Minecraft Wikia for educating players on the world of minecraft, you are an indispensable guide.

Note: Will continue the Adventures, more updates soon