What you can learn from MoBA’s Series : Lesson 6 – Visibility

Posted: December 19, 2014 in Update Board

Hey fellow gamers, what have you been up to for the past couple of weeks? Have you been winning more games than usual? If you’re not, you might have not been not wary of your surroundings. That is why in this post we tackle…WARDS, WARDS, WARDS!

But before we begin we introduce the earlier posts in this MobA series. For first timers, this blog caters to readers who wanna learn and play at the same time. I recommend you take a look at the first lesson and scope out the other written articles at my blog 🙂


Lesson 1 covers what you need to know on how the pros think like in the game, with the need for better gameplay and wins.


Lesson 2 covers how to maximize your role as a hero in-game. A team that effectively uses the hero’s role makes better games and more chances of victories.


Lesson 3 covers team communication, a bit of player psychology and how you can rally your team to victory. Encouraging and good communication is the way to raise team morale, win games and make friends. 


Lesson 4 deals with a better way to cope with those pesky defeats which creep up to you and ruins your day. It’s a must read.


Lesson 5 is a secret way to charge into battle, make a hasty retreat and line up for the kill effectively without losing the lives of the entire team.

This topic is a chunky one, so I suggest you bookmark this and read it by part. It is also one of the reasons on which this post was delayed for some time. I want to tackle this concept because it contributes a lot of losses to people who are unaware or *blinded by how they play the game.

Perhaps you have played a few matches but still have no idea about locations or where your hero is. I suggest that you go back to the basic tutorials and master the camera controls.

Our computer screens have a limited scope of sight and that is why it is important to learn how to scroll to the edges of the screen or knowing the shortcut keys to focus on your hero or your team.

And please, do yourself a favor and use mouse-scrolling instead of the arrow keys on your keyboard. Use your right fingers with the mouse and your left fingers with the skill shortcuts.

Before we go onto the main topic, you must first know what the Fog of War is. According to giantbomb.com…

Fog of War simulates the unknowns of the battlefield by covering areas of the map, to be progressively revealed by the player.

It’s basically the darkened shade on the map that also influences your hero’s line of sight. In some MobA’s like DotA, Lines of Sight are reduced during night and returns to normal by day.

In every game, knowing where the enemies are can give you a huge advantage to avoid or ambush them. Pro gamers know that heroes have a limited line of sight and that is why they employ the use of wards.

“When fire can be set out in the open, do not wait until it can be sent inside a camp –set it when the time is right”. -Sun Tzu

Wards are the CCTV’s in the MobA, with the right setup it’s line of sight will allow you to survive longer as you expect incoming enemies. The downside is wards don’t last forever, and they kind of cost a pretty penny.

In LoL, the item shop gives a selection of wards to you for free. There is a limit to how many heroes can carry the items which is 5, and the rest need to be purchased.

Some heroes like Ashe have skills that can show lines of sight at a mana cost.Other heroes like Rikimaru can diminish the line of sight of enemy heroes via their skills This adds another advantage to the allied team, but it will ultimately rely on the player’s skill and timing to use it.

Visibility is also influenced on the terrain. In DotA, heroes below a hillside have reduced sight when compared to heroes on the top of the hill. To supplement this, make sure to keep areas warded and try to stay on the higher area.

You can also try to use your courier to scout for enemies but make sure to empty the items that your teammates need. And make sure that your courier is a flying one and uses its invincibility skill as soon as it gets damaged.


Below is an example of recommended ward placement in the popular MobA which is Dota, note that map geography changes over time…and versions…



We will discuss the other concepts such as distance, neutrals, jungling, and the rest as we go along the MoBA series 🙂

For now that’s just about it for visibility, I know this post took too long for a short one, I’ll post the reason at the Facebook page, please tell me what you think of it and I’ll see you next time on the next Zamboangamer.


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