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Posted: November 19, 2014 in Update Board

For some time, I have been thinking of how to do the next MobA post while hanging out at Southern Card Capital, a shop that caters to every card game known in the Philippines.

I have decided that I will do the images via paint and then discuss those strategies and how you can implement them.

On cosplay, my costumes have just recently started in its production phase, and I was taught by a local propmaker (you know who you are) to make basic patterns.

Also Zamboangamer will receive an update on its own site by Thursday, I’m super excited.

But the main thing that will prove a challenge is the job. Recently on the months of Sept and Oct, I was busy looking for a job and applied at KCC which is a mall based on General Santos City but is expanding its operations here in Zamboanga City. I applied for a position, passed the tests and interviews. Only one step remains and waiting the hardest part.


To work is to earn money to maintain the site and make sure that our advocacy remains true. If I am called then it will be 6-9 months of training, that means I might not be as active blogging in those times but I have also found 2 other people who are willing to blog about other stuff like anime and cosplay, thus this advocacy is expanding to other mediums of pop culture relevant to this generation.

Thanks once again for supporting my blog everyone, keep on gamin’ 🙂


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