To have one’s own house…

Posted: October 28, 2014 in Update Board

Ohayo Minna, how’s everyone enjoying their sembreak? I haven’t been posting articles online ever since the previous week due to a hectic schedule with my cosplayer friends. We did a halloween gig at Xoxo Armcandy which was a cafe and my girlfriend is sick so I gotta take care of her.

Btw. The recent talk with the ICT gave me a good idea of blogging and how it can be used as an advocacy and a monetization tool. I am considering to avail their services. But I need capital in order to invest in the endeavor.

Here is the list to breakdown everything altogether:

Domain = $14.95
Hosting = $ 9.95/
Those are paid once a year

Development Costs
-Configuration of Host Server (24 HRS)
-Basic SEO

Maintainance Costs

Training Costs/Support

This covers 15,000 pesos, so raising the money is not exactly a piece of cake unless this is like Sims. Downpayments will costs 1,500 monthly and I aim to reach that within the first month.

This is to say that we will be having our own home, instead of squatting around on a free one. Think of it as having our own house with a game room. I am soliciting help from you guys the likers and supporters of this advocacy, this is not for my gain but everyones. Thank you 🙂


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