Posted: October 11, 2014 in Update Board

I got good news everyone, to the readers of this blog who continue their support, thank you. This post details the recent happpenings that will also affect how Zamboangamer’s frequency in blogging.

I have recently went to a local buisness convention called ZAMPEX which was a four day event. It featured handicrafts, local food and Zamboanga’s finest. My original goal was to pass my resume and job application to KCC which is an upcoming mall being built here in the city. Unexpectedly I met a person in the local IT business that deals with all things techie.

The first thing I did was spot the words Website Development on a big advertisement banner,I approached a person sitting near that banner got to know the person who heads ICT Zamboanga, and she offered website design, guidance and even the idea to get kickstarted and backed up by big fish.

Those old ideas are finally being brought out of the box again and I am so happy 🙂 Soon we might be transferring the site but I don’t want to charter that course just yet. I tried it before only to fail at it for not being technical enough. Stay tuned for more updates on this matter. Negotiations for a new home owned by us will be available soon.

Lastly I apologize for the recent delays with my article posts.Aside from the upcoming workshop. I have decided to get a job. This past week has been faster than expected, I aced the written exam, aced the initial interview and wll hopefully pass the final interview today. If all goes well then I will be leaving for General Santos to receive the needed training for 6 months. In that time I will bring my laptop and further update this blog especially on the MobA series 🙂

Again thanks guys, and Keep on gamin 🙂


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