That Long Hiatus

Posted: July 9, 2014 in Update Board

Hello Zamboangamers, the lenghty inactiveness of this blog has been because of several reasons

The reasons included this:

-I spent a long time researching on how to get an own domain which is costly, I don’t consider it a failure but from where I live (Philippines, Zamboanga City) it is difficult to search for a hosting server.

-Experimentation with a blog domain was a failure as well, a signed up with a hosting server in Manila, the tech services where horrible, I was not able to get worth my hard earned money.

-Broke up with girlfriend led me to a period of emotional distress and doubts.

-I had lesser inspiration to continue blogging while contemplating on life and more problems arising from home.

-Doubted the value of this blog since I felt that there was little to no audience appreciating it.

Fortunately, a series of local events triggered a spark, I met with a community of like-minded people who have appreciated me for what I have done. Plans to feature them will be here as well, I am also including a new hobby of mine which is cosplaying though the debut might be a long way since the costumes are still being made 

Reading through this blog and the old posts helped me to realize that I can still do this. I am supported by my new girlfriend who is a cosplayer and she is just the best 🙂

I have not stopped playing video games ever since this blog got inactive and I am happy to say that I have a load of titles to review and share their wisdom to you readers.

Most of the games I review are from indies, I try to move the focus from the corporate mainstream blockbusters out there and put a spotlight on the underappreciated but ubberly addicting or “feels” games.

Good to be back:)


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