Transfer, the good and the not so good

Posted: November 11, 2013 in Update Board

Up until now Zamboangamer039 has taken advantage of wordpress as a sub-domain, and I am happy with writing blogs.

I did mention that we are going to have a new site so I signed up for one. While waiting for their reply, I must inform our readers that we are having less time to review stuff or even write about them due to the limited time available for internet or playing computer. Another piece of information I must share with all of you is that wordpress owns this blog, not us. A tragedy if this site suddenly disappears then it will be over and I just might really give up.

So the plan is this. I am currently studying more about blogs. The more I gained awareness from reading numerous guides, the more I learned that if we can own the website then the possibilities will be endless. And that is why we will be making our own website via a host server and transfer our content from this to that.

I wished it was as simple as a few clicks but it is not. So here’s to this post. Hope you will visit the new site once it’s finished. Keep on gamin!


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