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My Adventures

Posted: November 7, 2013 in Update Board

So far, Zamboangamer039 has not been updating the blog due to a hectic schedule,I miss blogging on the site and getting visitors and comments from all of you readers. So now I write about my adventures…

As you know the last 2 posts concern a change in environment for Zamboangamer039 as he travels to a different place where gaming is more or less a small part of people’s lives. From Zamboanga City which was my hometown to a place called Causwagan in Lanao del Norte.

Forgive me if we lack pictures to post. Zamboangamer forgot to bring a camera. Just to describe Causwagan is picturing a small modernized hamlet. Causwagan is a seaside town and the nearest city is Illigan which is a 30-45 minute ride by jeepney or rural bus.

Living in Causwagan is a bit different from my hometown. The people here live simple lives starting at dawn. Most get up early to go to work in the neighbouring municipalities, or city. The relatives I stay with has small private school called Smartkidz which is run by my auntie as the school’s director,head teacher, and counsellor. I will take pictures soon.

I usually bond with my cousins Makoi and Melchizedek (Dek for short), Makoi is teaching me life skills while Dek is teaching me sports (Yes, I suck at sports). Zamboangamer039’s mission is to improve his physical,mental,emotional and spiritual parts. 

And why? because there comes a time in our lives when we come to stagnancy, I found myself wanting for more to life than just playing games. I could have just burned out while I was in Zamboanga but now I feel better and alive and always taking on challenges.

It’s not easy to change believe me. I am a lazy bastard when it comes to chores and non-computer stuff, but since I am living  under the roof of my cousins, I would not want to disrespect them. 

I do remember the secrets and lessons that I have been taught and read through. They do serve as inspirations when I wake up. There is a ton of books to read that contain life lessons an more, it literally is a treasure trove of wisdom and knowledge.

Talking with Makoi about this blog seems to have sparked some interest in him. Upon Zamboangamer’s moving on to our new site I am going to do a partnership with him as an admin.

So till the next time Zamboangamers,remember the only permanent thing in this world is change. Don’t worry we will still keep on gamin 😀