It’s about time! – Plants Vs. Zombies 2 Review

Posted: October 26, 2013 in Update Board

For us Android users who were waiting for PVZ2 to be released. Good news its time to get it on Play Store and its free…what’s the catch you ask? Read on to find out.



PVZ2 improves on the recent Popcap installment which was a huge success. Zamboangamer039 himself got so addicted to the game back then that getting this one even before the Google play store release was an achievement 😀

For those of you new to the game its simple, you have to plant your greens onto the lawn and defend against zombies. Sunflowers are your bread and butter for harvesting sunlight which adds up to build plants that defend the lawn, turrets like peashooters cabbage-pults are back in business with some new friends like plants that shoot boomerangs and punch zombies are new things to look forward to.







Starting off with a tutorial is a great way to refresh us veterans and train the newbs on how to play the game. Crazy Dave is back with a new character, a time machine named Penny (knock,knock,knock). How did Crazy Dave even find a way to create it?

The whole theme of the game does not take place in your backyard anymore there are 3 new locations as you travel back in time for Dave’s Taco, I know the motive is silly because he wants to eat it again, (why not just buy one again?) but as you go back in time you will get to meet hordes of new zombies.

There is the Egyptian time period which Zamboangamer039 is currently competing with his girlfriend. An age of pirates and a western one. The various new types of enemies will make for a great challenge. Some of them will steal the sun, others will be shielded on bricked camel camouflage and others will burn through plants right away.

Screenshot_2013-10-21-17-20-25 Screenshot_2013-10-21-17-15-09 Screenshot_2013-10-21-17-15-24 Screenshot_2013-10-24-21-13-49


There are new added elements to the gameplay. You have to commence them in stages. Sometimes collecting keys from battles to unlock other plants or sub-levels. There are now superpowers you can use in a pinch (last resorts as a tip) and plant food which temporarily powers up your plants.

While PVZ 2 is free, the catch is that there is a store to purchase the plants and other items. The absence of the Growing Tree (I forgot the name) is probably gone and most of your coins are collected on the lawn. Most of your coins will be better spent of the superpowers for emergency usage.



The archives are a good way to get to know those lovable plants and zombies. They sometimes have back-stories on their adventures after the original game. Sunflower for example would want to get her career going after that major hit song “zombies on your Lawn”. the stats are important to review such as recharge time,attack power,cost and other factors that you might consider for your load-out.

PVZ2 improves with difficulty and retains the learning curve that was positively reviewed on the last game. It gets harder as you progress to each stage but it is still addicting. Once you have established an impregnable defense it becomes easy so start making stratagems. A perfect example is the previous image above those boomerangs are behind the walnuts  which are backed up by spud-mines for extra offense.

And now its time to get back on the action and finish the game. Keep on gamin’

Graphics: PVZ2 retains the cartoon style art which is easy to draw, the concept models fit their respective purposes such as peashooters, the zombie design is cool. The environments also match the time period to a good degree (I’m a history nut).

Sound: Those familiar tones that we all know and love have come back and is pleasing to hear. BRAAAAIINNZZ never gets old. The soundtrack gets an improvement on this one with music that also matches the time period.

Gameplay: Aside from the main tower defense routine, there are various mini-games like matchmaking to keep you entertained. The original formula still carries well and the addiction that gets the player to think on which plant to put next never gets old.

Overall: PVZ 2 gets a 8/10 for gameplay, the shop was the only thing putting it down but I guess its what they need to fund the company. There are minimal to no-ads that pop up which is good. I recommend this game to the avid fans and the android users like me who have been waiting for so long. Get it and have fun. *insert sunflower song here.



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