Throwback Thursday – Persona 3 Review

Posted: October 24, 2013 in Update Board
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In the final days of the PS2, Persona 3 was a game least expected but it turned out to be one of the best. Yet again in the glory days of the PSP did Persona 3 Portable came out.


Persona 3 Portable was actually Zamboangamers accidental discovery and I am damn happy to have experienced it. It was more than just a game, it was a life changer. And only few people in Zamboanga City could have played it. I know Rogueshield, Lara and Bea to be the only others who have played them.

You pick on two protagonists, the male being the default hero and an added female which takes on a different approach in the same storyline. I am sticking with the male this time and naming him canonically Minato Arisato.


This is a harem game then? Not exactly, depends on your playstyle though. You are taking on the role of a high school student who moves in to a typical dormitory to start the new school year. The start of the story is a puzzle, a girl who aims a gun at her head, the gloomy atmosphere, coffins on the street, a full moon, and a strange kid asking me to sign a contract. Sure let’s just sign contracts and not read the terms and conditions.


What is different from the PS2 is that P3P story plays out like a visual novel. Your interactions mostly depend on a blue movement cursor and interacting with locations,people, objects etc.




I even thought this game was really a visual novel, but things turn out to be different. At midnight some freaky stuff happens, people become coffins, electronics malfunction (its not midnight as I write this) and stuff called shadows pop up. Minato is suddenly woken up by Yukari and they make to the rooftop.ImageImageImageImageImageImage

The first persona that Minato gets is Orpheus, a Greek mythology figure. Thanatos is way cooler but at the time I did not know what was happening. Turns out these Persona’s are…better explained like your guardian angels. In P3 they are represented by figures from different mythologies and religions.


Your first taste of combat is only a preview to more challenging battles. The real challenge comes from ascending this…






Tartarus (not the gateway to the underworld that’s different), this tower hosts a variety of evil that must be conquered and no, there is no princess trapped on the top this time. It comes out every night from your very own school.



ImageThe team sets up from the ground floor, as you make your way to the tower take care of your stamina and your team mates. You get a tutorial by Mitsuru-senpai on battle mechanics, pay attention and your well on your way to reaching the top.

There is lot to do in P3P, as you attend school and fight shadows in the night it becomes a rewarding experience to go through the game. I spent oodles of hours building relationships to foster and forge, getting character stats to upgrade, Personas to collect and soundtracks to enjoy listening to. The game ends with a very emotional note (no spoilers here) and I know that those who played this game had so many wonderful memories with it. As I said few games have this sort of appeal and we want more. I cherished this game so much when I had my PSP and I believe that in the future other generations will get a chance to play this too. As for Zamboangamer playing the game again right now brings back so much.


Thank You Mitsuru-senpai.

Graphics:  Gotta love that anime-style artwork, the character models in game are kinda puppet-like. Enemy design is well-built and environment designs are awesome. Tartarus is likened to a dungeon-crawler with checkered floors and castle walls. The Velvet room is pleasing to the eye. Igor was a bit scary though, too much coffee? XD

Sound: The music is killer, had so much time enjoying it. Character voices are well done, could have voiced the entire game though since most of it is absent and only audible with in-game events. Get the soundtrack, a mix of rock,hip-hop,jazz,symphony,sentimental,classical genres is an ear-gasm. Shoji Meguro instantly became one of my favorites.

Gameplay: Expect the character dialogues to act like a visual novel, the combat will take a large chunk of your time as you ascend Tartarus. There are lots of twists to the story so be prepared. It makes for an addicting game to level up and engage in the storylines.

Overall: 10/10 This game is one of the best RPG’s on the PSP get it and don’t miss out.

Lessons:P3 covers a wide range of lessons to learn, so we will leave it to you to discover them.

If you can change your life for the better from a book, a movie or a video game then it will be a worthwhile story to tell the kids someday.

A mix of music genres is good to spice up your life.

Young as you are enjoy life to the fullest.

There are hidden gems among games. Time for you to discover them



  1. I love this game. It’s a shame Persona titles come out so late during a console’s life cycle. I fear many people will miss out on P5 as it is coming out on the PS3 at the end of 2014.

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