For Mother Russia! – Company of Heroes 2 Review

Posted: October 24, 2013 in Update Board

Zamboangamer039 loves World War II battles, but why do most media cover it in the American side of the war? What about the other Allied Powers of the Axis themselves?

Playing Company Heroes was a blast for me, my friend Raffy Lovely and his brother Romeo as we would do LAN battles with a Russian Mod, I was speculating a sequel to the game due to its physics engine and realistic gameplay. Turns out it did come true! Come July, CoH2 was featured in a famous gaming magazine. Turns out Raffy’s prediction was true and mine wasn’t (I wanted a Japanese Faction)


CoH2 is the sequel to the original game released in 2006. This time it covers the Russian Campaign in Single Player from August 1942 Stalingrad all the way to The Reichstag in Berlin in April of 1945.

RelicCoH2 2013-10-23 11-15-31-91


The menu is laden out just like a battlefield scenario, you have your usual single and multiplayer, the army customizer which is handy for painting and gearing your own private armies for the theater of war and multiplayer. Zamboangamer would like to apologizes that we did not cover mulitplayer in this time because we have no local community that play multiplayer as of yet.

The singleplayer is a mixed one though. It recounts the experiences of a young lieutenant in the service of the Red Army.

RelicCoH2 2013-10-23 11-16-39-65

No, we are not going to Hogwarts. We are going to Siberia, to meet up with this lieutenant.

RelicCoH2 2013-10-23 11-16-00-29


Mr. Isakovich is our man, and as his Comrade Colonel listens to his story, it becomes clear that this tale does not end happily. It recalls the horrors on the battlefield.

RelicCoH2 2013-10-23 11-19-04-05 RelicCoH2 2013-10-23 11-19-11-74 RelicCoH2 2013-10-23 11-19-22-38 RelicCoH2 2013-10-23 11-20-06-34

The journal Isakovich writes in becomes an interactive cinematic followed by the gameplay itself. It all begins with Stalingrad. Thousands of peasant conscripts charge in machinegun fire for fear of Order 221. No Retreat, No Surrender, Comrades! Traitors are to be shot! IF you have watched that movie with that particular Russian Sniper then you will get the idea. And it’s diabolically necessary to drive back the Germans. Stalingrad was a huge victory for the Russians but oh the cost….

RelicCoH2 2013-10-23 11-21-38-76 RelicCoH2 2013-10-23 11-21-55-76 RelicCoH2 2013-10-23 11-22-57-56

Your first units are two squads of Shock Troops, they are equipped with PPSH 41’s the favorite Russian sub-machine guns. They are tasked to support our favorite tank the T-34, and there will be more units to control later on.

Your strategies in the game will require some exploitation of enemy weaknesses in gaps and flanks. Doing this will require some environmental manipulation of the environment. There are more details here than just attacking the enemy. For instance shock troops do well in close-quarters rather than long range which is for riflemen.

There is also cover which is really nice to look at as you zoom in to your soldiers and see them ducking and firing at enemies. really feels cinematic.

Environments can also be used for your advantage or disadvantage, this game introduces the harsh Russian winters which will freeze your units to death. Maneuvering to thick snow to your next source of heat via a fireplace or a building is tricky business.

A wide variety of units come into play which are new to me and well researched. We have heard of T-34’s but they are not the only tanks in the game. The Russians have this Juggernaut tank that is used to destroy buildings at a frightening rate.

The mix comes in when you want to save as may units as you can but sacrifice is necessary. With Isakovich the sympathy for soldiers dying quickly becomes a disposable matter as you roll wave after wave of fresh free conscripts in the game. You can even quickly outnumber the enemy with them.

Back to Stalingrad, As the Russians advance further into the city the Germans are in a panic and most surrender

RelicCoH2 2013-10-23 11-48-00-09 RelicCoH2 2013-10-23 11-48-01-45


Only to be shot at. There is a grim mood with this game as I play it. Only the usual Russian banter and joking by units about vodka gives me a slight grin on my face.

The Russians on the early stages of the Campaign are usually outmatched and outmaneuvered by Germans but come winter and spring, they bounce back up by orders of Stalin. The final mission at the Reichstag will probably not be as thrilling as when you did it in Call of Duty World At War but it still makes for a nice game to finally get the Russians raise their Red flag on the top of the Reichstag once again.

So what do we say about CoH2?

Graphics: The realism of this game makes it a perfect WWII fan simulation. The physics engine is sure to make strategy gamers glee with delights of bodies and explosions flying around. The usual destruction of…everything makes the game really feel gloomy which fits the time period.

Sound: The boombastic sound effects are worth the loudest speakers you got as long as you don’t get people to really feel the trauma of the recent incident. Voice acting as a Russian in this game feels like it could be improved upon but it is worth it.

Gameplay: This game is sure to make the fans proud. There are various improvements and missions to complete. It makes you feel more of the heartless commissar than the sympathetic officer that you are. The story was a bit controversial for the Russian government, but history is already written.

Overall: We give CoH2 a 8/10 for its improved gameplay, physics, and the explosions. This game was worth the wait. Hopefully a Pacific Theater sequel will come in as a third installment to the series. What are you waiting for comrade? By Stalin’s orders lets get into the battlefield!


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