Throwback Thursday – Ride of the Valkyria – Valkyria Chronicles 2

Posted: October 18, 2013 in RPG, Strategy
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Buenas Dias fellow Zamboanguenos, this post was delayed for yesterday due to the blackout.

Looking back at the PSP, I am happy to have played so many games on it. The RPG’s where my favorites. But among them came a game that I really loved to play and that is Valkyria Chronicles 2.


This is the second game in the series that was exclusively for the PSP, the first game is exclusively on the PS3, that leads to a WTF moment. I had to do some research and watch the anime. It tells of a story of two warring factions, the Republic and Empire, (sounds familiar) caught in between is a small country of Galia. Let me summarize it for you.

Galia is a small independent country which is fiercely defended by it’s militia. It is vital to both the Empire and the Republic due to its high mineral resources used for the war. There is also a back-story regarding ancient Asgardians with mystical powers and a crisis with discriminating Darcsens


Valkyria Map


As you watch the anime and play Valkyria Chronicles it becomes clear that many of the features in that game are carried over to this portable version which improves upon the gameplay.

Fast forward to VC2 timeline, There are still remnants to the war as a new faction rises to throw the government. The Gallian Revolutionary Army which takes advantage of the weakened Gallian Army.


So it’s up to the militia to get to work once again. But this time they come from an elite military academy which can size up to Hogwarts.

Lanseal Military Academy


Speaking of the game movies they are uniquely done just like an anime should be, the watercolor paint style really does blend in and makes it look retro and child-like which is a good thing. They even add up some World War I and II cinematography which faded out yellow and sepia imagery.

In the story you take on the role of Avan Hardins, the typical dorky, oblivious and easily-impressed protagonist that enrolls in Lanseal after an attack on his village. Wanting to follow his older brother Leon’s footsteps and investigating his disappearance.



Avan meets two more of his future comrades Cosette and Zeri. They are fated to go to class G together (reminds me of my college days) and they meet with the rest of their fellow classmates.

Life in Lanseal is a mix of the usual college-life infused with the strict military codes. Love-swooned couples, playful antics and friendships develop as you play the game. In class the students learn subjects ranging to Politics,History,Literature, Military Tactics and Stratagems (boy would I love to enroll here!)

In the training fields students are tasked to capture,hold, and do mock-battles that will serve them on the battlefield. This is where your first taste of combat training comes. Combat is turn based and relies on a stamina bar for movement limit.

There are 5 different classes that each specialize in dealing with the enemy. Avan from the beginning is by default a scout but he can change classes if you want. I kept him as a scout since most of his stats do best this way.

Scouts: Fast but lightly armored, can do long range movement and attacks with the rifles. Equipped with grenades for enemy clusters. Use them to gather recon or flanking.

Shocktroopers: Medium in movement and armor, can finish off enemy squads with machine guns, equipped with grenades perfect for enemies in cover. use them for assaults, defensive and flanking tactics.

Lancers: Anti-tank infantry, medium range of movement, heavily armored against explosives. Uses rockets/lances to deal enemy damage. Deploy only with enemy vehicles present as a tip. Does well against heavily armored units too.

Engineers: The medics/mechanics, lightly armored and good range of movement. Uses pistols for short range combat. equipped with medpacks for allied infantry and wrenches for allied vehicles. Best used for support purposes and close ranged combat with light armored units.

Armor Tech:The melee-class excels in close quarters combat. Low movement range but heavily armored. Equipped with hammer, shield and grenades. Use well against entrenched enemies or defending escort targets.Best used as a vanguard or sentinels with base and flanking maneuvers by the enemy.

These classes can specialize into 2 sub-classes as they level up later on.

maxresdefault valkyria-chronicles-ii_71507 vc2-1


There is also a Tank and it sure is handy for taking out lots of enemies at early levels. You are also responsible for your squads loadout so start investing cash and experience points for better and bigger guns built by blueprints.

valkyria-chronicles-2_1276978583 valkyria-chronicles-2_1276979060

The achievements made are better than medals themselves. You can name your squadron from the default Class G and make them something that suits your tastes. And taking about Class G, you guys are a class of underdogs that will have to rise up in the rank as starting out means you start with the worst missions and the worst gear.

Each member of class G has their own story lines and sub-quests which can improve their combat stats as Avan helps them, so get them out on the front lines as much as possible. You would also want to complete the many challenges,missions before ending the campaign.



Class G really feels like family, The lack of a romance plot in this game is a let-down to most fans of the franchise and many are building fan-made Avan-ships.

As I finish the game the campaign tones down to focus more on the fighting, with every quest done and every gear upgraded to the max, the ending was really graduation time. I would like a sequel of this game to find out what happened after they go their separate ways.

Graphics: The water-color and anime style art will get many fans excited to start cosplaying as their favorites. It makes use of the powerful processor unit of the PSP to deliver a rich content that rivals the PS3 which featured the first game.

Sound: The melodic tunes of military fanfare, romantic, and comedy blend well in the game. Voice-overs are solid but I would have liked it if every dialogue was voiced. the sound effects could be better but that’s just possibly too much for the PSP to handle.

Gameplay: Much of the gameplay from VC was carried over to VC2 with added features such as more customization, class specialization, sub-quests and achievements. The plot branches into other sub-stories with connections but the main plot has really been to vanquish the Galian Revolutionaries, and while the Valkyria comes into play it only plays as an overpowered opponent on the field and nothing more.

Overall: VC2 gets a 8/10, if you have a PSP till now then get it. You will not be dissapointed. The game takes a long time to accomplish. Multiplayer is great but beginners might be overpowered easily by the more skilled players with higher tier gear. Again we apologize this segment to be delayed. The blackouts hindered the progress of publication.

Lessons: Treat your friends as loyal as you can, helping them solve their problems goes a long way. And that allows them to treat you better.

Studying hard can really put you on a better future. We are fortunate to be spared from the recent crisis of armed conflict.

Salute our brave men and women fighting out there on the fields of battle. They ensure your freedom.


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