Battlecruiser Operational – Strikefleet Omega Review

Posted: October 16, 2013 in Mobile Games, Strategy
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What’s up fellow gamers? I saved a lot of stuff on the tablet that I could use for my reviews and I asked myself earlier, I should really write one now as it has been a long time since.

Imagining taking command of a massive bunch of armed warships was sometimes my childhood fantasy,ever since Starcraft…no this is not a review about that game, I have been absolutely engrossed with Terrans and their tech. The marine armor-powered suits are awesome and once you get to build Battle-cruisers and fleets of Valkyries and Wraiths it was pure ecstasy.

That dream came true…well not in real life but I do have a game that I can pour my heart into and that’s Strikefleet Omega


Zamboangamer came to this game by accident while searching the endless space of google playstore. The game starts out with your role as Admiral of a command ship, and after an brief introduction a massive invasion of insect-like ships come festering in from all sectors of the screen. They are led by a zerglike queen (Kerrigan was hotter).


Your ship is in the center. An impressive ship that has a basic fighter garrison and a mining crew. The objective of the game is to defend your capital ship from the enemy hordes. To do this you need to direct an attack-move command to a destination. Tap the number then drag it out, The fighters will automatically attack the enemy and if they get destroyed don’t worry, replacements follow.


Minerals come flooding in automatically with mine workers, and these minerals are used to create the rest of your fleet from fighters,interceptors,bombers ships which will dish out squads. These other squads specialize in taking out bigger enemy ships such as this one:


After the battles are down you warp into other systems. Ever since Earth was destroyed in the first level it’s not the same. In the armory you will be given a choice of upgrades and new ships which cost the standard currency. The more specialized ships costs real money.


Gaining the currency is hard work. Luckily once Survival mode is unlocked there is only the daunting challenge of conquering 100 waves lying before you and those credits. A pause button for a quick strategic review is good to have, and a fast forward button for those who want to skip the action and get on with achievements.

The achievement page is really a treat and make you feel like you are really rewarded for your efforts. A moment of silence for our brave fighters. These rewards add experience and credit points that you need to save up for a new ship or upgrade.

Overall the game is a good portable pick-me-up for aspiring admirals who want to take a break from the usual Starcraft saga that is if you love Terrans.

Graphics: The game’s graphic presentation is great for a mobile game of its caliber. Spaceship design is top-notch and seems to be inspired from other sci-fi shows and movies. Enemy designs are dark and insect-like depicting the evil alien race stereotype villains. Explosions and dogfights are always a joy to watch.

Sound: Expect sci-fi sound effects and electronic music to fit the edges of your tablet. Basic lasers to artillery shelling are expected of this game. Nothing significant to get an LSS from, and you might be better of playing rock music to really feel the action.

Gameplay: Directing squadrons of fighters,miners,interceptors, and bombers is the essence of this game as a space admiral. You really can feel the commanding presence of establishing patrol, intercepting, offensive and defensive routes. You might want to start developing strategic patterns to suit the enemy movement as they come form all sides. Warping other ships that are necessary to target enemy weaknesses is a must but one cannot deny the deployment of fighters as they are the earliest and possibly the core unit of the game.

Overall: Get this game if you are kinda bored with standards. Zamboangamer has only seen this game unique among others due to its gameplay. It’s gameplay is one that can be developed on and it could also do with some public exposure. an 8/10 from Zamboangamer That’s what this blog is for. Now I gotta get back and reach that level 100 in survival mode.

  1. Nice review, I think I am going to check this out it looks like it will be fun. Yet it seems like the only thing holding it back from getting a higher score is that they give you such a daunting task to complete with the 100 waves. I wonder if this will run fine on my galaxy s3… I’m guessing it may be acceptable but I’ll find out.

    • Oh it will run on Galaxy S3 I’m sure bro, I am going to add my current hardware specs. The task of surviving 100 waves can be fast as long as you keep upgrading your ships. Yes it does hold back since you can’t advance in the campaign without ship upgrades or spending mega-creds for the death-blossom or the perks. Have fun bro 😀

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