Hey there fellow Zambogamers

Posted: October 4, 2013 in Update Board
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It’s raining outside and it always makes me feel sentimental on stuff. A hot cup of coffee or milo, a good book and a comfy chair is your best friend. I am very happy to have gained 70+ views and a new liker by the name of Nhan-Fiction, 

Hey Nhan-Fiction I saw your site, it’s awesome especially the LoL page, I play League of Legends too on the Garena Philippine Server but not on a daily basis. 

I should write on my favorite heroes to use. There is so much stuff to write about I know, I have been typing it in the reviews, I need to take it one step at a time. I wish I really had the time freedom to do it. Maybe lock me in a bubble with everything I need and I might do it. XD

Thank You always for visiting my page everyone, and always comment on it. I want to further expose this blog to the general public and the world so we can empower more gamers! That’s all for today guys, I just took a quick break from studying for the board exams, curse you PRC XD See ya on the next Zambogamer 😀


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