Throwback Thursday 2 – Defense of the Ancients

Posted: October 3, 2013 in Strategy
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Hey gamers haven’t been online yesterday since Zamboangamer is writing this review for a while. It’s now time for another throwback Thursday with DotA, the massively popular Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) played in the internet cafes. Yes it’s that old going back to as far as 2005 and boy are those maps ancient indeed. Zamboangamer only played recently and that was 2007 (6.25), 4th year high school. The last major event Zamboangamer played was…2012(6.75)  in a college reunion. It’s been so long.

For this review we feature some items that are to Zamboangamer’s taste. This game is massively popular and is a game that me and my friends would play along with counter-strike. So many wins and few losses. Thus was my promising career… Wait we are doing a review not a biography!



DotA is a game of strategy and role-playing elements. It is an endless war of combinations and heroes and with each round is a different experience. You control a hero who turns the tide of battle. In this review we randomed one such hero, Huskarr, the Sacred Warrior



By the way, Zamboangamer is playing against A.I’s this time. Huskarr is categorized as a Strength hero, there is another category such as Agility and Intelligence. Strength heroes are known for high HP regen and damage. Huskarr is also a ranged hero, this makes him special since most Strength heroes are melee ones. As a hero you turn the tide of the battle by gathering XP and Gold from creeps. The XP is used to level up and the gold is to purchase more powerful items.

The War of the Ancients is based on two factions. The Nature loving goody-goody Sentinels,



And the terrifying,dreaded, and bad-to-the-bone Scourge…



The real main objective is to destroy each other’s Relic, for the Sentinels its the World Tree and the Scourge got The Frozen Throne. But before you get to the destroying they are defended by towers which are seen above and enemy heroes.

5 heroes on each team can make for a very interesting matchup. Will your team have strong warriors, deadly marksmen, or crafty mages?  Your matches has to usually have combinations that can defeat the enemy team.

To kill enemy heroes is the highlight of this game. You do this by gaining powerful items and skills. Huskarr’s abilities include flaming spears that do damage over time at a cost of his health. So most of Huskarr’s items for me requires more health regeneration items so I can auto-cast it without worry.

KIlling heroes is such a delight as they give bonus gold, there is also a SFX from the narrator commenting on the kill which is always pleasing to hear.


Other ways to earn gold come from hunting neutrals, but one in particular reminds me of WoW raids…Roshan!



He drops an item known to many as the Aegis of Ressurection (used to be a player made item)…and sometimes Cheese which sells for a pretty penny.

Throughout the game Zamboangamer has worked with his allies through a series of ganks,ambushes which really requires teamwork. 



Overall there is so much to cover about DotA and there is a lot to learn before you get to the Pro’s if you want to compete, there are internet cafes that sponsor teams who have potential. There are a lot of MOBAs out there such as LoL or HoN that caters to the new generation of players, but obviously this is where it all started.

Graphics: Since this came out in the early 2000’s the game graphics are basic 3D, the various spells,environments,characters, are cool to look at. They may be different from higher more realistic graphics nowadays.

Sound: The game’s music is reminiscent of elven lands, but DotA has special music tracks type in -music special to hear the Power of the Horde song that always gets the blood pumping. The SFX are awesome from sword clashing to fire spells flamin, and the narrator always never gets old. Firstblood!

Gameplay: This game requires active thinking and teamwork. You can always enjoy or get frustrated on kills and deaths. It sometimes brings out the worst or best in you. The game can be as easy or hard depending on the hero of your choosing. So practice, practice,practice 😀


I’d like to reveal what you can learn from DotA in Zamboangamer’s upcoming book; DotA and You. This book will feature every aspect of your life and how you can improve upon what you are already doing. There is too much to cover if I type in in this post, So see ya guys at the next Zamboangamer 😀



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