Sugar Rush Rev…w8…Candy Crush WARNING!- Candy Crush Review

Posted: October 1, 2013 in Mobile Games
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Hey gamers, Zamboangamer039 just got back from… Image


Yes that’s right I came back from this place when my girlfriend started asking for tickets. I said sure why not? I’m doing her a favor anyways (she’s 100 lvls higher than me). She also wants me to download it on my tablet. After sending her the ticket… I got hooked again.

Ahh Candy Crush. One of the most downloaded apps on the Google Play Store. It makes $60 mil a day. If I had programmed such a concept and marketed it well… I’d retire now. But obviously someone else did. Anyway, For those of you not being victims a stern warning is given. “DO NOT PLAY THIS GAME” because for many or most of us it’s addicting to the point of sacrificing our bodies to its devilishly coated gameplay.

Candy Crush is a puzzle game that will keep you playing for hours on end. The game is set on stages and you require lives in order to play. And even after it exhausts for miscalculations and errors of your gameplay you have the fb option to ask your friends for more lives to play with. The ticket checkpoints have a similar option requiring 3 friends to help you unlock for the next stage.


It start’s simple, and it remains simple in gameplay. All you have to do is match the 3 candies of color. Matching 4 of them gets you an upgraded candy which does more than look pretty. It functions by matching another candy with it and boom the combos start. There are many game modes such as clear the jelly, time limit, match the score, and CC posts this on the scoreboard for your bragging or humiliating rights.



It’s the “moves” that really make your gameplay methodical, think twice about matching the jellybean over the gumdrops haha. But seriously those little mistakes can deal large consequences like “one jelly left, OMG WTF this I lose?!” feeling.

The powerups like the lollypops and the jelly fishes are sadly bought with real money, I guess this is how KIng makes money off its competitive CC victims. Not me though, it’s one thing to spend money on something, but in game items are not on my list. (I need to write about it on my opinion page).



As to winning CC, there are some issues about random timing or lucky streaks, but what is true is that there are websites and blogs dedicated to guiding players even if they involve… certain methods. There is still a thrill to playing the game without them. If it’s free though we take what we get. *evil smile

Another issue comes to mind whether playing on the PC or Mobile is much better. Zamboangamer039 does prefer mobile though, no annoying ads on the sides to bother you. But most people like those in cafes may like playing on the PC before a DotA session or making their schoolwork.

Overall Candy Crush is an amazing game that oozes simplicity, it’s a great pick-me-up game before class or work and it will keep you entertained if not addicted to it. The colorful graphics especially with the upgraded candies is always a joy to watch, The soundtrack could do much better since the music is on annoying loop, the sound effects and the voice of what they call an unacknowledged voice actor (I’m thinking Jon St. John) of Duke Nukem is pleasing to the ear. So turn off music turn on sound. Candy Crush does want to keep you playing it even after no more lives. You are bound to pass the time developing more strategies to use for the next round. It’s a 10/10 Damn you Candy Crush!


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