Zamboangamer039’s Top 10 Female Gaming Heroines

Posted: September 28, 2013 in Zamboangamer039's Favorites

Good morning fellow gamers! Zamboangamer’s last post got lots of views that we are going to do a sequel and this time we list down the women of gaming.

Note that these top 10 care not in order. And we  base not on aesthetic values but the personalities and what we can learn from them.

It’s a topic that deserves attention since many females are used as sex symbols or props in video games, we change that here in Zamboangamer because we empower gamers like you:D


10. Nico Collard – Broken Sword Series


Our first lovely heroine is a french journalist who wounds up in a string of adventures and mysteries with George Stobbart. She is a woman who can handle herself with just an I.D and her makeup, using them in unconventional ways. I’m in love with her french accent, and how she teaches women to be resourceful and that female adventurers don’t need guns to solve their problems.


9. Jade “Shauni” – Beyond Good and Evil


Another journalist.. I mean female hero to our list is Jade,she does yoga, photography and racing, all while making a living out of it for the orphans living in her lighthouse. She gets her major scoop with a planetary threat harvesting people. the government denies such allegations so she takes it head on, with her trusty camera, dai-jo staff and a network of friends to help her. She may be young but it shows that young people have the ability to change the world.


8.Cortana – Halo Series


Though an A.I, she shows her feminine sides while helping Master Chief in his missions. She is not limited to her programming however and is independent, she broke several rules and regulations for the best interests. Just goes to show that behind every video game hero is a strong video game heroine.


7. Lilith – Borderlands 1 and 2


Lilith is Zamboangamer’s favorite heroine in the game (aside from Mad Moxxi) Chicks with guns are hot, but aside from that you think Roland’s really in command? Most of the time it’s Lilith who’s the authority figure among the group. She’s a girl that shows you that women can kick ass while being scorching hot. (Ohhh Firehawk!)


6. Joan of Arc – Wars and Warrior’s Joan of Arc


This dynasty warrior like game for the PC was a fun for Zamboangamer. You get to control a the 14th century heroine who liberated France and became a Sword Saint. She is the patron saint of France due to her godly visions of liberation from the tyrannical English. There is also her counterpart for the PSP which is more strategic. And chicks in armor are hot (fully plated). Nevertheless. She goes to show that a humble peasant girl, inspired by God can really go a long way. Start praying for inspiration.


5. Lara Croft – Tomb Raider Series


She’s been on most lists and she’s also in Zamboangamer’s favorite heroine. an attractive figure with guns makes lots of guys including me fawn over her. But sh’es more than eye candy, she’s a historian, acrobat, survivalist, archaeologist and Countess at that. For many women that strive to be like her then it’s not to late to start.


4. Bastila Shan – Star Wars: Knights of the Old RepublicImage

Bastila Shan is a Jedi, but not an ordinary one (who is?) aside from a dual bladed lightsaber(always awesome) her special ability allows her to control intergalactic forces thus turn the war in whomever’s favor. She is seen as a weapon by the Republic and the Sith, and to add to the pressure she must constantly train and present herself as the image of restraint. Her mission involved a sith lord’s capture who she falls in love with. It’s up to the player to make a happy ending and Zamboangamer chose it so. You might have so many responsibilities, but don’t let it weigh you down. Ask help when able for we are all human.


3. Alyx Vance – Half Life 2 Episodes


Alyx was unlike any protagonist ever made in the history of video games (aside from Ellie or Ms. Pac-Man) because her character makes you feel cared for. She has a sweet side that understands our silent protagonist Mr. Freeman. She’s not a wallflower though and can handle herself in a gunfight. Her inner strength is what makes her push on and so should you too.


2.Liara T’Soni


Dr. T’Soni is mostly known for Shepard’s Love interest but aside from that she is a scholar in many fields. A biotic specialist, information broker, archaeologist,scientist and historian. Liara made so many memories for us in Mass Effect. She studied an ancient race long presumed dead and acknowledged their existence. Much to her disappointment from the scientific community. But they were wrong, the Protheans were very much alive. She teaches us to love what we are doing, even though others do not agree with us.


1. Yukiko Amagi



More than just a pretty face. Yukiko is a girl who excels in her studies and help her family run the Amagi Inn, this hides a deep secret however as she  longs to have her freedom to do what she wants. This is represented in her “shadow” in a castle and the birdcage keeping her true self from unleashing. But our silver-haired protagonists saves her. Upon forming a friendship which leads to a relationship with the main hero, she realizes that her place is better and she has made it her new dream and mission to manage the inn. She would not be kept from a cage anymore. She would be free. And that’s how life should be. Find your true self and never stop dreaming!

Another Top 10 in the books 😀 Wew this took a long time to make since there were so many to choose from. Keep on gamin’ 😀






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