Opinion 2- Home Sweet Home : Playing at Home

Posted: September 25, 2013 in Zambogamer's Opinion

I love playing at the comfort of my own home. Zambogamer’s PC is filled with so many games that there’s not enough time to play with them. Name it, and Zambogamer’s probably got it on his hard drive. 

Playing at home is sometimes better than the internet cafe, since it doesn’t cost as much since someone’s paying for the electric and wi-fi bill (I have to help them now). It also means that you can grab a snack from the fridge without spending too much of your internet on the food. Another plus side is unlimited hours! mwahahaha

It’s peaceful yet kinda lonely though, and most of the time you might be out there with your friends doing other activities and doing more productive work.

Another disadvantage is if your computer is a shared one. No problem for me as I can give it to my younger brother or my mom or my dad if they want. But if you are the impatient type then it’ll be hard.


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