Opinion 1: Let’s Play Outside- Playing at the internet cafe

Posted: September 23, 2013 in Zambogamer's Opinion
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Zambogamer039 lives near 3 cafes in his neighborhood, all are within walking distance from the house. As I write this post, I often wonder if which among the two are better. Let’s take a look

The internet cafe, a technological domain for gamers, internet surfers, social networkers and the other regular people.My first cafe experiences was in highschool. There where lots of internet cafes back then near Saint Joseph School like FunBox,Rellik,Dexter’s,My Friend. After school me and my friends would play some counterstrike and other online games. After high school, I spent most of my college days in a place called Timbayan Bldg just near Western Mindanao State University, that place was a haven of internet cafes where me and my friends would play lots of DotA.(I even made a song about it called DotA Everyday). The days would carry on when we would laugh, banter and compete with each other. I loved the thrill of playing with other people on LAN or online, it was always noisy enough with more people coming in to use the facilities. 

I have lots of fond memories of the cafe. It was also where I spent most of my money. Sometimes I skipped eating or walked home just to save some money to play. Back in those days an hour cost 10 pesos, so just think of how many hours we invested in that. Looking at it now the bad thing about it though is that our investment was one-sided. While I did enjoy playing in the cafe, the money was also gone.If I totaled every thing up till now I could have saved it for buying other meaningful stuff.

Sometimes I pity the new generation with the hourly rate of 15-20 pesos. I know that the cafe needs to earn some money but 15-20 pesos seems like a ripoff. Some internet cafes like those in town with this rate are ones that I avoid as much as possible since I’d just be wasting more money. And with the blackouts? It’s just wasting time. In contrast though, I only go to these cafes to play new games which I don’t have on my computer yet. (hello HDD)

There are also some cafes with that funky cigarette smell and oily keyboards, I hate that. the last thing I need is to get lung cancer or unknown diseases from unhygienic places. You can agree with me on this one right?

The perfect internet cafe in my opinion is one without blackouts, air conditioned, friendly atmosphere, updated games,state- of-the-art computers and friendly attendants. This makes me think of G-Spot (It’s a cafe near Ateneo) and Endless Cafe (near the Nunez extension intersection).


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