Damn, I stepped on… – A Pou Review

Posted: September 22, 2013 in Mobile Games
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This will be the last mobile game review for now. And we will end it with one of the most top ranking games in google play store. 


Oh Pou, when I play with you I remember my tamagotchi days, those really got my grades down. I had an oreo tamagotchi back in the 90’s and the character was an 8-bit mouse who ate cheese and slept in a hole. I was obsessed about taking care of him that made me crazy whenever mom would take it away from me, I would find it around the house and once I got it, darkness would loom over me as my pet is already dead.

I overcame that tamagotchi addiction as I grew up, it would be replaced with better games like Pokemon, Monster Hunter, and etc. But when Zambogamer’s girlfriend got her smartphone (A w500 Cherry Mobile Titan) and showed me Pou, I got hooked. I still have him (I like to think of him as male) on my tablet.

Pou is a pet game, (As Im writing this review I just gave him watermelons and pineapples for breakfast) Your goal is to take care of Pou in the different rooms of his house. There is a kitchen for food, a Lab for treating his health, a bathroom to bathe him, and a arcade where you earn money to buy him new stuff like haircuts, accessories,clothes,new wallpapers,toys, etc. And you earn that by playing games,

Pou’s Arcade has so many games and it’ll keep you busy for a long time. I do find that it gives little coins and despite of this you have to play many rounds and earn highscores just for a trickle of coins.


From the start Pou starts out cute and small, he gets bigger and cuter as you level him up. Sometimes he leaves…poo that needs to get cleaned up giving you some gold (let’s recycle poop). Pou gets dirty often and you really have to clean him before he gets sick.

Once his needs are met and you don’t want to play with him anymore, you can just leave him be while you do something else. A notification pops up reminding you to feed him, bathe him, wake him up, and treat his health. 

This will be a short review guys as I have to do another one today. 

Graphics: Simple and wacky colors and environments make the game neat. I love Pou’s character design, it’s so cute and simple, you can even change his color (default is green). The costumes are nice too (panda). 

Sound: I love the music in the arcade, many of the game tracks got stuck to my head. Pou also makes cute sounds when saying No! or when you rub him.

Gameplay: Simplicity is the core of Pou, it has great appeal for kids and kids at heart. The many games increase with difficulty and is a good challenge. The mulitplayer could use some tweaking though as I want to visit my girlfriends Pou but find myself in some random player’s house. But with regular patching, I’m sure that someday soon the multiplayer component will be better. It’ll keep you entertained for a long time. The best part also is that it’s free!

Overall:8/10 kids will love it, gamers will get addicted to it, get it, and watch where you step on XD

Lessons: You don’t need super expensive and impressive ideas to get a game going sometimes simplicity is the best.

Pou is an easy game but Real life is quite different, keep your head on reality.

An increase in mobile pet games like this might spark the next stage of the tamagotchi that we all loved.

Remember to take care of Pou as you would take care of yourself 😀

  1. I had a tamagotchi as well back in the day and I just downloaded the Tamagotchi L.I.F.E. App a month or so ago. I heard Pou’s better though and after reading this it is confirmed. I should check Pou out.

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