Today is a saddening day…

Posted: September 20, 2013 in Update Board
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I just found out that Hiroshi Yamauchi died on Sept 19,2013, It was from a 9gag post that I received word and just had to research its validity. True enough, Mr Yamauchi passed away…


For those of you who never knew this man, even Zambogamer only knew recently, Hiroshi Yamauchi was Nintendo’s President and Visionary, he’s the guy whose career from introducing baseball cards to the japanese market to becoming president of one of the well loved video game companies we know today.

He was responsible for taking the company from playing cards business into the video game industry, making consoles such as the NES,SNES,Nintendo 64, and Gamecube



Hiroshi Yamauchi who passed away at a golden age of 85, will be remembered for his legacy, The entire Nintendo company mourns and honors this man. And so should we gamers for many of us like yours truly started playing Nintendo games from a young age.

Thank You Mr Yamauchi, Arigato


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