Ninjas Total War : A Ninja Village Review

Posted: September 19, 2013 in Mobile Games
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Kairosoft managed to combine simulation and strategy together in this wonderful game of ninjas and feudal wars.



Ninja village starts you off with a small plot of land in the Sengoku Era (Samurai Wars) As village chief your goal is to conquer the surrounding lands and gather support from them. 




And when you have secured your reputation in the land. The Emperor of the Ashikaga Clan requests aid in unifying Japan by contributing your wealth to raise troops for the campaign which you will lead. This makes the exciting part as raising armies and conquering other clans never gets tiring.ImageImageImageImageImageImage



You represent the Shogunate’s army. All armies are composed of the Bushi(Warriors/Infantry), Archers,Gunners and Cavalry. The battles are mostly automated with your option on choosing priority targets on the other side. Both sides take turns to inflict damage, starting off with the gunners shooting their foreign acquired muskets, followed by archers then the infantry and the cavalry come charging in. Numbers count but your ninjas also need to equip themselves with weapons and items that enhance their skills and stats (semi-rpg). Battles take 3 rounds, and you have to wipe out the entire enemy clan for victory otherwise a draw is issued and you have to try again.

Most of these historical clans like the Takeda, Hojo, Shimazu, Tokugawa, Date clans are featured in the game really make me feel like I’m playing STW2 (Shogun Total War 2) on a mobile scale.


But the ninjas actually don’t make me feel stealth-like to be honest, the game mostly focuses of a feudal unification, though some elements like Ninja’s poofing or using weapons like shurikens it’s more of a Samurai Village than a Ninja Village to me.





As far as graphics are concerned Ninja Village happens to be pixelated and the colors are bright and wonderful, It feels pokemon-ish or the standard gameboy advance color scheme. The character and environment details are wonderful and cute, there is no blood involved in the game as characters jump out of the screen if they die.

Ninja Village sound is a repetitive track of music played over the screen, the damage sound effects feel like cardboard being beaten on the mike, Zambogamer finds it strangely entertaining. It is reminiscent of gameboy sounds too.

On gameplay, the game is wonderful in it execution of combining strategy,simulation and some rpg elements. Ninja’s are villagers in peacetime. I did expect some sneaking around but the game makes ninja’s warriors of daylight. Though this is contrary to the stereotypical dark sneaky ninja, its the battles that make the game shine. The addition of animal friends are funny once you conquer/tame them. They can be equipped to your ninja just like an item ad you will see them fighting alongside you. A ninja dog adds movement speed for example that reduces the time the enemy can counterattack with arrows or bullets. The game is hypnotic and is a great time killer for those who want to see some pixelated violence going about.

Overall: Get this game which is scored at a 8/10 for its successful use of three genres. 


Lesson: Most Ninjas are over hyped for their supernatural powers, the true ninja however is an assassin and is as human as us. It is their mastery of skills that make them seem supernatural.

Japan’s history was one of unification with violent struggle. How blessed are we to live in a more peaceful century. They united under the rule of Tokugawa, that was one man. We Filipinos can do better than that.

When we are unified no matter how different we are then our city and our nation will improve and we will have better days.


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  3. Interesting I was looking at this game in the Google Play Store but I wanted more info on it before I purchased it. I at least have to try one Kairosoft game so this must be it unless you know of a better one to start out on?

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