Good morning gamers!

Posted: September 18, 2013 in Update Board

Today seems to be a return to normalcy in daily life. Dad and I went to LB Supermarket and Sta.Cruz Market to buy some food, 

Today we shall continue to review some more mobile games. I recently got addicted to Kairosoft games, and if you don’t know them yet, then I am going to post the first game Zambogamer played. 

Btw I wish to thank the current viewers. We have reached 21! that’s so cool! Thanks for viewing guys. The next goal is 30. If we get more hits we are…hmm its too early for that yet hehehe

Won’t be covering another minecraft journey yet since Zambogamer is currently on mobile game reviews with the anticipation of reviewing RTW2 (bugged, neeed patch before I review) and GTA V 😀


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