Back to School – Pocket Academy Review

Posted: September 18, 2013 in Mobile Games
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You have been hearing on the radio that classes will be cancelled till further notice. You also probably miss going back to school…for the baon hehehe. Some of you already miss your friends and your crushes… Ah to be young again…

Looking at how the years go by, I actually miss going to school. High School in particular, to be able to remember all those moments of nostalgia, your first love, your most hated rival, the brotherhood of friends, your favorite and most hated subjects.

Anyway the past is past now, though sometimes we go back and fantasize on things that happened and things that should have happened, we must move on.

I had this itch to find school games for the sake of nostalgia, On the PC there is not much aside from the usual visual novels. And then I stumbled upon Pocket Academy.Image

This pixelated wonder is made by Kairosoft. It is this game that satisfied my wanting for a high school simulator on a management level. That means we are going to build schools.

Would you want your school to cater to more leisure real learning and after school activities? Or make it the rigged and mundane institution that many of us dislike in going to? It’s all up to you in this game.

You start with a small plot of pre-built facilities, a teacher, an assistant and some capital. You will have to establish a good reputation for better facilities, equipment and more students. We will explain in detail later.

The game features a two slot save system, one is manual and the other is an auto save feature which is handy. There are 5 areas to choose from, and you even get to name your school. I choose the rich kid’s school and renamed it from the default Sunny High to St. RichImage

This screenshot shows how much time Zambogamer devoted his leisure time to this game because it’s that fun to play it. And for playing other Kairosoft games, they have this knack for simulation games indeed.

When you start your own game it will look like hard work since you just have one student (made by you) and you have to spend some time in learning the game, the tutorial is lacking however, but once you get it you can apply it to other Kairosoft games. Soon though another student gets transferred, the money adds in.

Students are your lifeblood in this game, because they bring in the money (not for your own use!) for your school. This can be used to build facilities like class rooms, basketball courts,water fountains, farms and school stores (extra money), gardens, cafeterias, AV rooms, the Principal’s inner sanctum, and more. 



Students have stats and ambitions, and grades from subjects. Starting out school is too hard for many, this needs to be nurtured with your school, and aside from the facilities are the teachers.



Teachers have specializations on certain subjects. To increase the quality of education you need to level them up (seminars in real life) But be warned. You need to balance this with the student’s tuition otherwise your school funding will be in red and that means no extra curricular activities for the kids.

Mr. Doug Low started with 60+ for math and sci, I assume that he’s a chemist or physics teacher who speaks spanish. I leveled him up to the max level of 5, so be considerate of increasing stats and having teachers in every subject.

As soon as a year goes by students move up to second and third years and afterwards, get a national test to prepare them for college. Afterwards, graduation comes, it actually felt a bit emotional to see my first batch of Grade A students move on… they left me this as thier present.


Don’t worry if other’s don’t make it if they have bad grades, they will do part-time jobs after they graduate. But something in me does not want to let them just do that. I mostly focused my time in boosting their grades with Special Classes. Make sure they are willing to learn. Students with Auras learn faster.




So wrapping up this review…

Graphics: The pixelated cuteness of this game appeals to a niche of players. the colors match the seasons and ambiance from white winters, yellow summers, reddish autumn and orangy spring.

Sound: I must admit the repetitive use of the game’s music which was good at first, I heard minimal sound effects in this game so there is little to comment on this field.

Gameplay: Hours of fun and excitement, though it may get you sleepy sometimes. It does its best to make you really run the school, from faculty, classroom, extra curricular and club management. Making students graduate with flying colors brings virtual joy that they can succeed in life.And with 5 scenarios and locations, replaying the game tends to be more of a pick me up when you finish your main game.


This game ranks an 8/10 due to its niche appeal, creativity,macro and micromanagement, and fun, the game sucks you in as far as I can tell. A demo is available from google play store, the full version is priced at 200+ but if you have good sources well you already know what I’m saying hehehe


All the money in the world can’t buy the best education, The student needs only to be interested to learn,

Even if you have never graduated at the top of the class, that won’t define what you are in the future. So keep on striving hard for what you love to do.

Our educational system really needs an upgrade, K12 has some debatable points. Will an extended period of time really get students to learn enough?

The best education is life itself, school is a place for learning with other people.

For students: Make your school life the most memorable that it could be, strive to be the best, establish an awesome reputation, fall in love, attend festivals and activities, foster friendships with students and teachers, and lastly, plan for you future, if you fail then don’t let that define you.

For teachers: Please make your subjects relatable to the level of the students, we expect to learn from you as we need to find the applications of the subjects when we graduate. We are not static robots but people. Thank You

So this is today’s review, tomorrow lets do another one and it will involve Ninjas 😀




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