The President is in da White Crib! – Saints Row 4 Review (Mature Discretion Advised)

Posted: September 16, 2013 in Action
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2013 is a good year for lots of blockbuster games coming out, With the last week of August was the release of Saints Row 4! This game is a direct sequel and Zambogamer had to get his hands on it immediately.

Just a heads up though, this game is rated mature and that means if YOU ARE NOT 18+ skip this thread as SR4 features blood and gore, language profanity (bad words), sexual themes, nudity, suggestive themes (seriously don’t be a gang member). drug use, and excessive violence.

We here at Zambogamer are responsible gamers, if you do proceed you are taking responsibility for your own actions and we will not be held liable for what you do after.

(I should write a disclaimer)


This game gives you what you want and what you possibly have imagined for open-world games like this. Saints Row 4 made the kid in me scream for joy as if walking into a candy store. One of the best games we played this year.

Saints Row 4 picks up the story right after Saints Row : The Third which was another awesome game. The Saints have risen from a delinquent street gang to celebrity endorsers to empire builders, conquering Steelport wasn’t enough from them, they still wanted more.



We start of the first mission with…Call of Duty style? well I did not expect that but it’s good to see Shaundi and Pierce once again. Is it me or did Shaundi get more hotter with each game? Pierce just looks ok…

So we meet up with this chick Asha from MI6 (British Intel) she could pass up for a 007 girl, Instantly fall in love with the accent. And we immediately assault the compound. Just who are we facing?


That’s right STAG, those Special Ops team sent to Steelport, putting the city under martial law from the third game are now terrorists still led by Cyrus Temple. What do they have planned I wonder?


Boom! Place is rigged to blow, Our Saints survive though and head to the comm room.


So this is what they do for fun…hmm…hey focus on the mission!


I always love the door breaches scene, and doing this mission brings me back memories of CoD scenarios. For those who are wondering about the game controls they are mapped just like SRTT so there are little issues aside from the sometimes glitchy camera.


We chased Cyrus temple afterwards a leap of faith and we just tackled the Saint’s Archenemy, a boss fight occurs with simple button pressing. The boss fights are more cinematic this time around allowing you to watch the action while you tap away.

Cyrus dies but we won’t show that, upon dying though he presses a clicker with a red button…that could only mean something big. A nuke targeting Washington.



Im already in love with this mission, climbing a nuke, homies saying their final goodbyes, Aerosmith’s “I don’t wanna miss a thing” song plays nostalgic of the 1998 movie Armageddon. It made me feel good when the nuke blew and your Saint is doing a thumb up in front of the camera. He then crashes into the White House and poses for a job well done! A strong first mission is good to start the game.


Gotta love the rewards too. Adoration of America, Presidency (what ever happened to the previous one) and Keith ‘freakin’ David as Vice President! What happens next is well… I wouldn’t want to spoil it.

Anyway as far as graphics are concerned:

SR4 looks like its predecessor SRTT, there are slight improvements from the character’s designs, building details could use some polish along with the civilians on the street. The blur and distortion effects might not be for certain people with visual problems though. Explosions are always nice to watch and there are lots of eye candies from the female homies and Saints. The weapons design was cool to see too they added more guns to the arnament, a shame to see some weapons like the Krukov gone though

On sound:

The game opening song is a remixed version of SRTT’s theme with electronic beats. The Mix 107.7 radio station is my personal favorite with lots of retro tracks, trust Zambogamer that you will be singing to these songs as well. The Touch by Stan Bush, Opposites Attract by Paula Abdul, The Boys are back in town – Thin Lizzy, This Is How We Do It- Montell Jordan, Just a Friend- Biz Markie, Talking in your Sleep – The Romantics are Zambogamers favorite songs, It’s convenient to listen to these stations without the car radio. You must also try the Dubstep Gun if possible, its a gun that fires Dubstep Beats, cars explode to this stuff. XD The usual voice sets are always fun to listen too, especially the gruff British one.The only disappointment was no inclusion of the Zombie voice, I had laughs with that one on SRTT, now it has been replaced with Nolan North (spoilers sorry).

And now the large chunk the Gameplay:

How do I tell this to the readers without spoiling the experience is a great difficulty for me, Zambogamer thought about what to write last night but ended up playing Streetfood Tycoon (later review) instead. So basically the gameplay still revolves on the Saints Row is a third-person shooter, The only differences are the… Superpowers, that’s right guys, Your Saint’s have Superpowers now, There’s also Robots/Power Armor, Genki’s Murder Time Fun Time, Mayhem (city wide destruction), a hacking minigame, Insurance frauds (love this), capture and assassination side missions and more. The game is a simulation inside a simulation, and you will get sucked in right away wanting to play the next mission or collect the next power node (super power ups).

You won’t need to ride in cars much for this game anymore, certain missions will require you to do so but Zamboangamer actually misses the old days of drive-by’s and gang shoot outs. Be prepared to have some encounters with the past though, since you will have to rescue your other homies as well.*spoiler alert, A big disappointment to me was that some of the old crew…did not make it.

Character customization is great here as you really suit up and create your character in dozens of outfits some from SRTT and several others added. Zambogamer’s character in particular is a Tony Stark lookalike. Yes that means we suited our character like Iron Man.

I derived alot of humor from the missions and some of them are my favorites, You will hear some of your crewmates commentaries or banters which is welcoming as you feel that you really are one of the Saints. Your Saint in particular the boss is a light-hearted sociopath. There is a lot of dialogue in the game from the cast as well and it makes a fun experience too.

Zamboangamer finished this game in a week, but not 100%, that means that there are still secrets,audio logs, challenges to complete. This makes game replay high as well

Overall: This is turning out to be a large review, a first for Zambogamer, and it has been an honor to do so. Our verdict is a 10/10 and that means…


To find lessons to this game are challenging since you play as a street-gang leader now turned President of the USA. After a lot of consideration here are the lessons:

Developing a game from first to the current installment needs good content and SR4 proves this.

Give the audience what they want video game makers. We are tired of your marketing schemes of DLC’s or Pay to Win content.

If you have to rise from the bottom like the Saint’s you can do so without being a gang member. In one audio log Asha notes that while the Saints are delinquents they get the job done. So if you want to be great, then start small and start now. 


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