Our first mobile game review – Streetfood Tycoon

Posted: September 16, 2013 in Mobile Games
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Hey guys, took a quick rest from finishing the last review SR4 hope you guys like it.

We at Zambogamer are aware of the mobile games taking lots of shares on the market, games like Candy Crush or Temple Run are downloaded by millions of fans and that grows with each smartphone or tablet holder. Zambogamer got so addicted to many mobile games ever since. Last night Zambogamer’s girlfriend (yes a girlfriend) sent a screenshot of a recent game that we were playing, she spent lots of hours on it and got super addicted. It was then that Zambogamer got the idea to review mobile games too and this is the first one.


This game is unique in that it was made by Filipinos, yes that’s right, the company called Kuyimobile is an independent pinoy game developer. I feel so proud of my countrymen for making this game and they did the concept with something we pinoys love…Streetfood 😀

I came by this game by accident actually, I was searching google play store for other kinds of games, it was a random thought that led me to search for rare gems like this one. I am happy to have found this. Once Zambogamer shared it to his girlfriend she got hooked by the game as well and knowing her, she is a gamer girl with lots of skill. That’s one trait in her that I love so much. (Even taught her to play DotA) 

Anyway the game is simple all you have to do is to sell as much streetfood as you can from 9-5 (business hours can be extended). What makes the game challenging is that different customers order different combinations of the food.Image

On first playthrough you will get an option on your starting capital Your own piggy bank saving, asking from your parents, and even loaning from a coop, I started small with the piggy bank because I did not want to acquire any debt, starting from the coop may get you lots of capital, but you have to spend it wisely else you get bankrupt.

There is some confusion on what to do as the tutorial only lists the controls. It was by trial and error that I learned to serve my customer, the first days were challenging since I could not tell what my customers ordered. Customers are edgy and impatient so better serve your food fast. (Tips for fast servers)

Take note that they list their orders in a speech/thought bubble. 

This also brings me to comment on the first choices of food, you are given a shabby cart and a tray filled with french fries, corndogs, sticks, french fry containers with condiments of ketchup and melted cheese. A bit stateside maybe as I have no idea if streetfood vendors sell these foods on our street.

It gets better with some real pinoy streetfood once you expand your cart, Kwek-kweks and Fish Balls are a welcome edition to the streetfood roster. 



Upgrades are what you save money for. The more the upgrades the better the service, the better the service, the better the sales. And this becomes the main cycle of the game. From that cycle comes the addiction.

There is even a stat sheet to help you track your progress throughout the game, this will better assess your ability as a salesman. If you find that your best selling day is consistent, then keep it steady so you can get the needed upgrades faster.

I did not actually know the game was made by Pinoys till I saw a customer wearing a Philippine shirt and familiar celebrities pop up on the upgrade page. our president, boxing congressman, and other celebrities are available customers that tip huge. They rarely come by though and only upgrades on your cart will allow them to partake of your goods.


The simple cartoon art design is appealing to many, especially kids. characters are featured as familiar people on the streets. The conservative animation made by characters still show the emotions of being impatient,or happy, or sleepy. 


The game’s music is pleasant yet repetitive, Sound effects are simple, though the best part is hearing customers genuinely saying thank you. I feel a bit of warmth every time I serve them since feelings of familiarity are present. Sometimes though the sounds and music get bothersome so I would turn it down, that save more battery and playtime anyway 


While lacking in the tutorial, I think the game wants you to learn by experience, once you learn the ropes the addiction begins immediately. Simplicity makes this game addictive by nature, many mobile games have this psychological hook for you to cook,fry,serve,sell something. (me thinks needs research) The game autosaves on the day before you open your store so if you get interrupted midway the and you have to start over. You will invest countless hours selling to customers so be warned.


It’s the gameplay that stands out in this game, the simplicity and addiction make it playable even by little kids, also a great time killer, the sounds might turn you off a bit but that need not occupy you much. I am happy to have found a rare gem like this and even made by our countrymen. I am even wondering if our fellow Zamboanguenos have a game app on the Play Store, if you do please contact me immediately 😀 I also liked the idea that it is free and that there are only little ads in the way, and what’s more is that everything in the game you purchase is via the coins you get from selling. More games need to do that. Streetfood Tycoon gets a 8/10. Start downloading now and have fun.


If you are starting a small business, then why not consider streetfood vending? It’s cheap, mobile, popular and even low maintenance,just make sure you food is clean and you have the proper business permits. 

Filipinos are avid gamers and the industry still has room to grow. Ever consider a career in game design?

I once asked a streetfood vendor on how much he makes a night, he says 500-1000 pesos on average. It’s not a guarantee though, as long as you keep your customers happy and they come back then you are already doing well for yourself.

You must investigate before you invest. Remember that this game is a just simulation.

You can start with nothing and come up with something 😀

  1. omouse says:

    Wow! Nice review, way more detailed than mine. I wrote mine after playing the game for like 5 hours straight haha: http://neverfriday.com/2013/10/24/android-gaming-review-streetfood-tycoon/

  2. omouse says:

    Reblogged this on NeverFriday and commented:
    Someone else’s thoughts on Street Food Tycoon, thorough review.

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