13 hits!

Posted: September 16, 2013 in Update Board

It’s been 4 days since Zamboagamer has been online and already got 13 hits! It’s part of the list of goals to reach 10 views, and then we are going to target 20. Today we will be covering up SR4. We are almost done, just sorting out the many screenshots because they are soooo awesome, we also don’t want to spoil the story for the readers as requested by a Mr. BurgerX who chatted with me on FB, don’t worry brother. Zambogamer will comply on thy request. 

Additional Special Credits to KevCorn, hahaha you know who you are bro. 😀 Misaki-Chan for liking the postage on FB, hehe and Tobi Uchiha, you are not alone in Zamboanga bro.

Sooper Ultra Mega Credits to the nameless viewers of this blog, Your viewing gives me inspiration.

So…I better finish this and get on with SR4 review


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